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Headliner inside Model S & Overall Impression of Interior Selections Online

Has anyone heard anything different regarding the headliner color? I noticed playing with the interior design selections, that every headliner is the same color (which appears to match the "white" or cream color, if you will). Unless you are getting the white leather interior in a Signature, it seems to look somewhat odd or clashing (in my opinion), if you go with black, tan or gray leather and you have a cream-like white color half way up inside... Thoughts or comments appreciated...

I can't wait for my Model S, but I'm somewhat disappointed with the interior selections and how plain the seats will look. I have a Signature & Production reservation number and paying an additional $3,000+ for the Signature, I was told there would be more interior features for the Signature. I can't justify another $10,000 for the Performance and noticed the additional carbon fiber accents seems to only be on the back trunk area and you get some piping on your seats (in addition to a faster car). Tesla has pushed that their competition with this car is an E class or 5 Series, but at the price for a Signature or well equipped Production, I'd expect a more attractive or unique interior selection (commenting on leather and trim colors). I just went to an auto show and even the Kias and Hyundais have nicer interior color selections (again, this is regarding the leather and trim colors and potential for two tone leather). This is just my general opinion of the interior so far... I'm certainly not a naysayer or trying to bash Tesla... I love Tesla! The exterior body is GORGEOUS and I love the 17" touchscreen, which alone will be standouts in the auto industry.

The cream headliner in all configurations is probably to keep costs down. Cream is a "neutral" color and it goes with every other color.

I had mention this same color discovery in the "Studio is operational" post.

I thought maybe it was an error however it seems the beta's all have the same color roof liner so I guess that's what it is. It definitely pushed me away from the performance version since my wife agrees with BestBrokerinDallas, the colors don't work for that price point. I will not post her comments because everyone would scream about Tesla Bashing. I had her sold on the performance until she discovered the roof liner was not a programming error. I was already expecting to get a standard model anyway so it is no great upset for me.... just Tesla's bottom line.

Things may change if we get a chance to see one in person with similar features to the one we designed in the studio. We don't really have time to travel around the country looking at different betas. It's the only downside of this experience so far. I am #3270 so hopefully there will be time to look at production model samples before contract time.

Unfortunately, I don't think that the "cream works with everything" holds true. The cream headliner has just enough brown/yellow in it to clash with the gray leather (IMO). It looks better with the tan, IMO, but the tan color itself is yellower than I'd like. Arrg. I'm considering black interior with silver exterior, which at least presents a consistent tone palette.

Yes, I wondered about the colors that didn't change in the design studio (seat backs and roof liner). It did impact my color choices.

Hopefully the color choices aren't limited that way and we'll see an improvement to design studio in future.

Btw when viewing the interior the outside mirror is always silver in the design view but when you view the exterior you get the right colors and accents... expect the Sig badging appears nonexistent.

A quick poll:

Which in your opinion is more important when selecting the interior color, matching the interior color to the exterior or matching the interior color to the headliner color?



Matches exterior color given the options presented. Best case would be the interior color is a single color -- if you choose white then it is all white except for accents, if you choose black then all black except for accents. But that doesn't appear to be a choice -- the interior seat backs are black but the headliner is white-ish.

I've got my heart set on Perf version, my wife has her heart set on Red Sig exterior, therefore the interior needs to work with that.

In other words I need to take the black interior because it has the red piping (matches exterior color) and the only real options are the rims and accents.

Therefore Sig Red Perf with shiny rims, black interior, carbon fiber is the most likely default.

I wouldn't worry too much about the colors yet. We're looking at computer renderings on uncalibrated monitors. To me, that headliner seemed to have a grey tint.

I'm getting a grey car with black or grey interior. I thought the lighter headliner made the cabin look more spacious.

I also liked the seat and headrest designs. Sleek, and clean. The interior came together looking better than expected, considering all the concerns we pro-cupholders had.

@jbunn: Agree regarding the computer renderings; however, I do have a calibrated monitor, and I still worry about the headliner color displayed. It appears to work well with the black, but seems to slightly clash with the tan and grey (I'm looking at the general production model). I'll be interested to see once the productions vehicles come out in the Tesla stores.

Hi Longhorn. I'm guessing that the rendering is off then. Im pretty sure these coordinate better when real. That tan for example looked nasty in the sim, but in person, not bad.... I'm gonna guess the humans picking the colors are more accurate than the renderings.

Completely agree. That's why I look forward to seeing the colors in real life.

I don't think anybody's mentioned it yet...

1. The seat belt receptacle for the driver's side matches the interior coloration.
2. The "key" portion of the seat belt looks chrome with a black frame around it.
3. The "lock" portion of the rear seatbelts is black.

All three of the above appears to be consistent across all interior combinations.

The fabric of the seat belt is color-matched to the white interior OR is black. This appears to be a Signature exclusive.

IMO the cream headliner looks good with a black textile or leather interior and accents the black nicely. I agree that it adds a degree of spaciousness as noted above. I also concur that it's hard to tell how well it will go with the tan or gray interiors without seeing them in real life.

Tesla should put together kits of exterior paint samples (on curved surfaces) and interior swatches. For some fee, say $100, Tesla sends a kit to you; when you return it, they refund, say, $80.

Given the distance that many reservation holders are from the nearest store, this is the only practical way to put real-life samples into the hands of many buyers. Priced properly, Tesla can even earn a few (emphasis on few!) dollars.

Anobody else notice that even if you select the "Body Color" roof, the interior picure shows the panoramic roof?

Slindell, Yes I noticed that too.

Looks a little weird to me....especially if you're looking at a performance interior with the piping on the seats. Too many different colors going on in the cabin. IMHO, headliner color should charge with leather color selection. Or at a minimum it should be black unless you select the white leather sig option. Hopefully, this just got missed in the design studio and headliner color does indeed change.

I noticed the headliner too, and like others I'll withhold judgement. But my immediate impressions weren't good. I'm already coming to grips with the "two-tone" interior (I would prefer an all tan interior to go with a white exterior instead of white + tan/black). When you add a third color in the headliner (4th if you're planning to get the banana leaf like me), now you've got all kinds of different color palettes that I don't think is going to look very integrated.

Hopefully Tesla can prove me wrong, but it doesn't look great in the Design Studio.

The headliner color is white (also referred to as cream) regardless of the interior color you select, according to my sales rep. IMO, it goes fine with the black interior and red exterior.


White headliner is great with lacewood and white leather. Any other accents, and the whole looks too busy (except for piano black, but even there the gloss look is too much.

@dborn - I'm coming to that same conclusion... I think seeing it in person will be key... Sadly the closest Tesla store is a 4 hour drive (and two tanks of gas round trip) away for me... :-(

Funny. I haven't commented yet on this thread, but I think I should just add what I think: Very few things are less important to me than the headliner... No offense. Go on and enjoy! ;-)


My wife's Acura has a black leather interior with black exterior. Surprise! The headliner is white. A black headliner would make the interior too dark.

What would be best is a very pale grey with grey or black interior . Very pale tan with tan or white interior. The headliner has to be a pale color, else the interior is too dark. One size does not fit all.

Re: Headliner. Personally, I am concerned about the stitching … you can’t see!

We forum readers/contributors must be driving TM and George B. crazy. Finally: the Design Studio, limited colors, center console, cup holder, have run their course, now we have a new cause to rally around- the headliner.

I agree with Volker.Berlin. It is not a big deal … unless we make it one.

Given stephen.kamichi... 's comments, maybe cream just looks a lot better than other options once you see everything.

Similar to the way a color swatch looks nice but an entire room painted that color can be overwhelming.

My Dodge Durango has dark blue exterior with a black interior. The pillars are black, too, but the headliner is a fairly light gray. I never really noticed it until this topic came up. It is totally natural.

Mb had white, BMW had white, the Lexus has grey and it looks really dull. I guess you can tell I prefer the white. The Grey is a bummer

Don't care. I'm getting the pano roof so there's going to be very little headliner for me to look at anyway.

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