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Headliner inside Model S & Overall Impression of Interior Selections Online

Has anyone heard anything different regarding the headliner color? I noticed playing with the interior design selections, that every headliner is the same color (which appears to match the "white" or cream color, if you will). Unless you are getting the white leather interior in a Signature, it seems to look somewhat odd or clashing (in my opinion), if you go with black, tan or gray leather and you have a cream-like white color half way up inside... Thoughts or comments appreciated...

I can't wait for my Model S, but I'm somewhat disappointed with the interior selections and how plain the seats will look. I have a Signature & Production reservation number and paying an additional $3,000+ for the Signature, I was told there would be more interior features for the Signature. I can't justify another $10,000 for the Performance and noticed the additional carbon fiber accents seems to only be on the back trunk area and you get some piping on your seats (in addition to a faster car). Tesla has pushed that their competition with this car is an E class or 5 Series, but at the price for a Signature or well equipped Production, I'd expect a more attractive or unique interior selection (commenting on leather and trim colors). I just went to an auto show and even the Kias and Hyundais have nicer interior color selections (again, this is regarding the leather and trim colors and potential for two tone leather). This is just my general opinion of the interior so far... I'm certainly not a naysayer or trying to bash Tesla... I love Tesla! The exterior body is GORGEOUS and I love the 17" touchscreen, which alone will be standouts in the auto industry.

@Liz G. +1 I'm in the same situation.

I'm with Liz and Soflauthor! I will get the Pano roof and really think its worth it for $1,500 as you also get the sunroof! The Model S would be just sad without a Pano roof and it's one of its wow factors I think!

At the Santana Row event with the 4 beta's I sat in the Red one with the body color roof, and black/lace wood interior. The person before be was rather short, so when I got in my head hit the headliner. I lowered the seat to see how much room I had. I know I looked up, I know I saw the color of it, but I wouldn't be able to tell you what color it was if my life depended on it.

However if you look at this video:
you can see it was the light color.

I guess for me it blended with the interior enough to be invisible.

by the time this car gets out the door they will have all of the (significant) issues already fixed and fully vetted! I think we had just about reach that point right now ....time to start shipping !!

I'll note for the record that the cream headliner would go beautifully with saddle leather....
;-) (Just to combine two threads that I know have annoyed my friend VB)

I will be delighted if the only thing we have to pick at is the exact shade of the headliner and whether we have hooks and grab-handles. But in the "relentless pursuit of excellence", getting the details right, cumulatively, is what creates a world-class product. Elon didn't claim to be building merely a great car; he claimed to be building the best.

But ... Liz! What about the color of the manual sunshade?!?

;) !:p

@Brian H

I was already planning on painting a scene of the clouds on it. That way it won't clash with the sky.

If I use the sunshades at all, I expect that I'll use it when I'm parking in direct sun. So, it won't matter much what color it is.

For those saying "it doesn't matter", I think you're missing the point. You may think we're being to "narrow" in concerning ourselves with these things, but in fact I think you're projecting your personal zeal/enthusiasm for Tesla onto the rest of the car buying world.

It's not that this "issue du jour" is particularly important (because it's not). But although it may not matter to YOU, or the rest of us Tesla enthusiasts on the forums, the interior aesthetics and functionality of the car will certainly matter to "ordinary" buyers who aren't looking to buy an electric car, but are just looking for a luxury sedan. If Tesla is trying to compete in that market (as it has repeatedly sted) and not just the EV market, then they need to nail all of these "little" issues.

And the white headliner with a tan interior, black floors/sides and seat backs, and brown banana leaf dash does not look good. 4-tone interiors are not aesthetically a good idea. Maybe it doesn't matter to you, but it will certainly matter to a lot of buyers (including my wife).

At any rate, it certainly is not an issue that's worth getting all wound up about (i.e. no "petitions to Tesla" are necessary), but I think they're making a mistake unless they offer an option that will complement ALL of the interiors. (dborn's suggestion above of pale tan and pale grey options is a good one)

repeatedly "stated", not "sted". Now how about we talk about an REALLY important issue like an edit option for these forums?

Where do I sign THAT petition? :-)

I guess everyone has different things they look at. I couldn't tell you the color of the headliner in my current car or my last car. The one I had in college I remember was grey, but only because it was falling down.

I wouldn't have even noticed the color of the S's headliner if it hadn't have been for this forum. Will it matter to some people yes but not everyone. Will some people not buy the car because of this maybe, but I doubt it will be many people. There are a lot of other features people will look at before they get to the color of the headliner.

I'd worry more about lack of storage and blandness of the dash first. Those things people will notice right away if it is important to them.

I bought a new Rogue crossover in 11/2011 (black paint, black trim/w gray leather) and the headliner is the same color as the S.

I did not notice the white/cream color of the headliner …. until we started to talk about here!

Even tho I spotted it in the design studio and said something here... turns out I never noticed my current car has black interior and light colored headliner.

I change my vote to 'much ado about nothing'. It was only noticeable because of the camera angle in the design studio -- good for seeing interior but not same as experiencing the actual car.

Both my MINI and Impreza are a light silver. The MINI had an option for an anthracite (dark gray) headliner but the pillars were still silver.
The cream works for me with a pano roof and I'm probably doing black on black.

I suppose you can have a custom shop swap it out but you'll still have cream pillars.

Actually, I think we're back to the "emissivity" issue. White "shines" less IR from a hot roof at you than black.

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