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Hello! Introducing myself

Hi everyone. I'm a Detailer here in RSM in So. OC. I see Teslas around here all the time. They are made here right?
Well in a few days I'll be detaling my first Tesla and I'm so excited.
Admins. is ok to do a wright up or post a link to another forum on the detail I do?
Thank you,

Try BrianH, he usually is in the know about all the goings on, around here.

Head each of your promo posts' text with --ADVERTISEMENT-- to make it clear you're not stealth spamming.

Just be aboveboard about the nature of each post and link.

Yes, it's ok as long as you do the write thing and wright --ADVERTISEMENT-- in the heading. That's the rite way to do it :)

typo: wright write


the rite way to do it :)

Everybody's just so prejudiced against lefties :P

The Latin for left is "sinistra". Just sayin'.

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