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Hello, TM calling.

When THE e-mail arrives from TM requesting the specifics you wish to order on your “S” -

What questions will you ask before you finalize your order?

With zero real-world experience/data to work with, I assume it was the best TM could do with the reinsurance sellers. I doubt TM is carrying the insurance risk itself.

Thanks Robert. Good to know about the warranty. I was hoping a better warranty as there aren't very many moving parts. I am guessing that includes warranty on the infotainment console as well and includes regular software updates, as and when necessary.

That got me thinking, how can the infotainment console be protected? Since it is a touchscreen, how much of a hit can it take without damaging itself? What happens, if something hits the console and cracks/breaks it? How much of an effort, for both Tesla service and me, to get it fixed?

~ Prash.

Does it use Gorilla Glass from Corning? I also wonder how much it can take because I can see myself hitting the brakes hard while getting used to driving a much more powerful car then I'm used to in the Model S and having something fly right into it!

Anyone who has a smartphone with Gorilla glass is hoping for the same on Model S. I hope we find out in 4 days.

@BYT, it is not only about something flying into the screen but also about something spilling on it. If we plan to keep the model S for at least 10 years, this is an important think to know.

Would Gorilla glass help in these cases?

~ Prash.

Liquide is a killer to tech like this and I don't think Gorilla Glass will help, however, I do hope that the base of the screen doesn't have exposure to the electronics and that it would instead sit higher inside the dash, that way if something did spill and seep into and behind the screen that you wouldn't brick that 17" display.

Spray the whole thing, including lower seams, with RainX??

@Brian, LOL, I was thinking that we can buy a large sheet of the stuff that they cover the iPad with and have a few inches extra off the sides to wrap around the screen and therefore keeping any liquid from getting in and behind the screen.

Just the screen with this stuff

uhm... add "coat" after "Just" (s/^(Just)/\1 coat/)

Cool, but the video was pulled!

Just keep the entire dash wrapped in Saran Wrap for 10 years.

Or, close the shut the entire thing up in a enclosure, create a smartphone app that talks with the infotainment console, and use the smartphone app instead.

~ Prash.

The Never Wet home page has the video, and other pages have others on the site. Incredible stuff; even mention sidings, clothing, shoes, counters, etc.

Not yet available on retail market, however (per 1-866 phone line). Perhaps dealers could get it.

Cool. I wonder how you wash the fleece shirt ... With water ?

Thanks guys, I am convinced. I am not using the cup holders for drinks. Drinking and driving is dangerous.

What could be worse? What about the car wash guy who uses a bottle of Windex to clean our 17” screen? Or the little dog sitting in the front seat when you slam on the brakes!

Maybe TM has made it water-resistant in the factory? Sounds like a reasonable precaution.

Little dog! My Black Lab/mix was sitting in the back seat with her head looking forward between the two front seats. When I had to slam on my brakes she got an introduction to the car stereo the hard way. The dog now knows why my wife always tells her to "sit back!"

One last non sequitur. The Lord forbid. you slam on the brakes, your latte splashes on the 17” screen… all goes black. What is going to p_ss you off most?

a. The $2,500 repair bill (or whatever the expense is).
b. Your insurance agent’s finding a reason to tell you why you are not covered.
c. Not having your “S” for 4-8 weeks while it is being repaired.
d. Driving the lame, rental, car.
e. Your wife saying, how could you.
f. Your kids saying, …
g. You telling yourself, …
h. The dog…

Petero's dog can talk! You heard it here first.

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