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Help me decide on exterior color

I am about ready to put in my order and can't decide on Black, Red or Blue. Just wondering if anyone chose a color that they wound up not liking. Any feedback on best looking colors would be greatly appreciated!

I love seeing all the colors when the Model S is serviced. So many deliveries and its easy to view many colors in the customer accessible parking lot when it exists at a Tesla Service Center. Got to compare my Sig Red to MC Red and love both. Heat wise, the AC really delivers when set at 66 or lower, so quick cool downs are possible.

Color is a wonderful personal choice. When you see a sun lit photo of your choice or the car in daylight, does it make you happy? Silver wheels look great with any color, black wheels need to be seen in person to make sure. Keep looking and choosing, but keep a first choice in mind and compare with that. After the final decision, you don't want to look back with endless debate. Your color should be an affirmation that you made the right choice.

One more thing...sodium "yellow" parking lot lights turn the Sig Red, black! View the colors in daylight to make your choice easier.

@TrikinCurt, great choice. No offense to others who got the brown, but brown looks very old fashioned.

I think most people went through this dilema, but at the end you would definitely be happy with whatever color you will select.
I haven't seen anybody regretting about their choice.

I am about to place my order for a P85. The colors that I like are:
1. Pearl White - It reflects the heat the most and I live in hot climate. Less load on the AC. Dirt shows less. Interior, I thinking gray. The tan is too yellow. Black cooks in the summer.
2. Silver - Reflects the sun well. Less load on AC. Little dull. Grey interior.
3. Red - I got that on my Porsche with black interior, and looks nice on it. Not sure it is ok on a 4 door sedan. Sure, if I was getting a Ferrari 458 that would be my choice with tan interior!

I am getting too practical with my age. I am getting regular tires, because I do not want to feel the pot holes, or change tires every 12,000 miles.

On the X, I would get Silver, and Grey interior.

Saw all the colours in the Vancouver service center. The one that drew me most was brown; it was so rich and deep it invited caressing.

I am also having the same dilemma. A friend has a grey one, and it looks sharp. I've changed my mind several times between a couple of colors, but am now leaning towards a navy blue P85 with black interior with the 19" wheels.
I called Tesla to ask about them being able to send out color samples, or a brochure with color samples in it like every other car company does. The woman that I talked with reached out to their marketing and sales groups and called me back saying that they can't do that.
Would be great for them if they could send out small color samples to those who put down a deposit. They could get them back when the car is delivered. Would help with the color anxiety!

I've ordered my Tesla in brown. A leap of faith, because in the Netherlands there has been no way to see the actual car in that color. But I like the pictures and YouTube video's I saw very much. Also I've noticed a lot of brand new high-end cars on the road here in dark brown lately - brown seems to be "the new white".

My biggest problem with this color is that it doesn't seem to match with any of Tesla's interior colors other than black. Brown and grey is a "fashion no-no", and the tan, being fairly "yellow", also seems to clash with the brown.

I would love it with Signature white interior, and I think it was a poor decision by Tesla to make one of the two interior colors that go well with _any_ exterior color only available on the first few cars.

Thorsten Veblen (early 20thC writer) would have said:

--White and Black [clothing, in his argument] demonstrate that you do not have to work with your hands and that you have a valet to deal with keeping things clean every day. Ditto clean fingernails, etc.

--Flashy colors suggest a "Hey! Look at me!" mentality or a prostitute.

Any physicist would say:
--Black if you live with cold winters and mild summers.
--White or silver if summer heat is your big problem.

Defensive driving suggests:
--White/Silver for visibility to other drivers. (Daytime driving lights have made this somewhat less important.)

My personal opinion:

Black - looks best and most sporty but can't deal with the swirl marks. Have had two black cars and no matter how well you care for it, you will always have the swirl marks.
Blue - too close to black. will get swirl marks as well.
Red & Sig Red - not a fan
Brown - like the color but may hurt resale due to not being as popular
Green - not a fan at all. Had one green car in the past and regretted it the entire time I owned it.
Silver - typically like silver but didn't do it for me for this car
Grey - the paint seems a little dull but definitely was my second choice. If I had to do it over again, I'd be 50/50.
White - This is what I went with. Always wanted a white car. Generally not a sporty color but with the 21" wheels and dark tint, it's there.


I also went with brown without seeing it on the car. However, I did see it on the sample in the Seattle store. I've seen RobLab's custom brown and loved it. He seemed to think the metallic brown is also a beautiful color. He probably would have gotten it, if it had been available on a Sig. I'll find out myself in about two weeks.

@ Svante

I also have green. Was leaning towards blue, but when I saw green at the Menlo Park store, it was a no-brainer to pick that color. I haven't seen many around.

I'm not a red car kinda guy, but I have the MC Red. I think it's the best color for the car. I was originally going with the black, but it just didn't show off the lines of the car very well. I think the red shows off the lines the best. Not sure if it'd be the right car without the panoramic. But with, the black, red, chrome combo is gorgeous.

That being said, it is LOUD. Very eye-catching. My neighbor described it as "lipstick red". I think she was referring to the red lipstick that you'd wear with stilletos. Yeah, that's a good description.

However, I wanted a color that showed off the car to it's best advantage. I liked the grey, but too boring. I liked the green, but I wasn't sure how it would look in real life (it's actually very nice). In the Seattle area, I didn't want the Pearl White. So, I ended up with red. I would have preferred the Signature Red, but having seen both now in person, I think the MC Red is a better fit for the car.

@HenryT2 - I'm with you there. I just picked up my S60 MC Red, Pano, air, w/ jump seats this past Saturday.

OMG, It has been thrill rides all weekend!!! My neighbors couldn't stop talking about the gorgeous red beast. Some thought that it was a 2drs coupe. From all the test drives given this weekend, the number one complaint has been: "Where is the 'Oh Shit' handle?"

Even strangers walking, cycling, or driving by were giving non stop kudos. There is a different shade of red visible based on the amount of light shining on the car. It is the brightest in direct sun light. It becomes a bit darker in the shades. It is literally glowing in moonlight at night. There's a long thread in TMC forum about the MC Red color.

Go, Grey.


Mathew--interesting, my 'test riders' all had the same reaction, looking for something to grab on to. And a few of my 'test riders' actually went pale, maybe not as much from the G forces sucking the blood out of their face as the panic/terror of previously not experienced auto performance. Fun all around! And, yes, I have the 'arrest me' red and love the color change depending on the lighting.

so johnyoung1234, what did you end up ordering?

For what is worth, I ordered the "new" red and as one lady put it to me..."thats my lipstick red!" I love the color...

First off all I have not order myself a Tesla Mosel S yet, but I`m really thinking about it, and have booked me in for test drive her in Norway. Just have hard time with my self to sell my 2011 Passat CC R-line that I "love". But Tesla look not so unlike the CC I think. When it comes to colors I have just seen them on YouTube, but so far I like the Signature Red and Brown most and would choose one of these if I had put in a order today. Anyway I have no problems with any of the others colors.

Not Mosel, but Model. Sorry for that. ;-)

I choose green without having ever seen it in person, pick up on Thursday... I also considered Brown, but without seeing it on a car, I thought I would either like it a lot or hate it.

Someone posted a video online which showed what green looks like in the shade:

I'm trying to pick the colors. I love this car, but for around 100K, there should be colors similar to Jaguar or Porsche. For 2014, lets do a little change. Here's what will make a difference.Your white,silver,gray and red are similar to Toyota colors (drab).The green is dark along with too many other colors.
You need a Titanium with a touch of champagne.Call it Liquid Fusion.
Check out Volvo Electric silver, make a Platnum color call it Tesla Platnum.
Check out these:
Telsa Gray: Saab Glass Gray
Blue: Jaguar Cobalt Blue
Silver:Saab Snow Silver/or Ford Ingot Silver
Red/Brown: Non:metallic Carmine Red
For me, I'll probably get white, because the other colors are either too dark, or look like cheap Asian metalics.

Why name colors after other carmakers? It's time to change things up. I'm very happy with my Dolphin Grey, thank you very much.

I just put down a deposit on a Blue with Tan Interior today in Menlo Park. I originally wanted to get the Gray with the Tan Interior but people kept telling me that it didn't match. I also liked the Blue in person 100 times better than seeing it online so that kind of swayed me towards the Blue. In the next two weeks I have to decide whether to switch to Gray exterior and add the Air Suspension. Decisions, decisions... :D

I would go for a blue.

But if you really can't decide. Choose a colour that doesn't cost money and then vinyl wrap it to the colour you want. If you find you dun like that colour. Change it again and again.

Disclaimer : Vinyl wraps in my country is cheap. Your cost may vary.

I just took delivery of Gray and it's very nice, no regret - but I also love the Blue. Red is well executed but I've got red sporty cars out of my system and prefer something more subtle. I don't personally like white, maybe for New England cars. Black is a nice, but I wanted to go a little more interesting (but not too interesting)... I wish I visited the service center before placing my order to actually see a variety of cars in their natural habitat and I wouldn't have fretted as much about my choice. I might have even tipped to blue if I had to do it again.

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