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Help in San Luis Obispo

I drove from San Diego to San Luis Obispo, CA last night using the super charger in Lebec. When I went to charge the car today I realized that I left my J1772 adapter at home. Any chance a Good Samaritan in the area has an adapter I can borrow for a few hours? I need it today May 4 or in the morning of the 5th. I'll be trying to locate an RV park that can help me out in the meantime.

You can also find one of the Rabobank's in that area. They have 70a chargers via a partnership with Tesla.

Unfortunately, it appears that the Rabobank charges require a Tesla adapter to the J1772 plug.

How about Atascadero? Any Model S owners?

Atascadero is also a J-1772. John70 really does need to borrow an 1772 adapter or use a 14-50 outlet.
I do believe there are RV parks near SLO.

Log into Plugshare, and look for "Lloyd M." in San Louis Obispo and send him a message, if he is in town he might be able to help you out.

There's also the Oaks Inn and Suites in Paso Robles, they have a 14-50, about 35 minutes north.

If you don't find anything else:

They have 50amp, address is:
7075 Ontario Road
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

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