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Help with stains on grey leather.

Just noticed some colored spots on leather in front and back seats. Any suggestions for top notch leather cleaner to try and remove them. Thanks.

I was able to remove it with some a light application of rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. I was very nervous about this.

I was happy with the way this product worked to clean some light grease stains off of my grey leather seats:

There is some advice in the Owner's Manual for routine cleaning IIRC. Do you know the source of the spots? Oil based? Water based?

Thanks for your post. I had a hard time to decide between black and tan leather but now the decision is easier.

Mr Clean magic eraser works great. I got some orange soda spots on my tan seats and thought it was stained. Mr clean magic eraser sponge works great. Just wet it with water and it worked great.

Careful with those Magic Erasers.
They are very abrasive and they will take away the finish on leather.

I would be careful with the alcohol or the Magic Eraser - maybe try the the Lexol Cleaner or the Griots cleaner which are a little gentler on the leather.


In addition to the Leather Care item Bob linked to (, I would also pick up this:

On the Leather Care bottle, it actually recommends using their Interior Cleaner first for stains, and then use the Leather Care for lighter cleaning and protection.

I used it and it worked great on my tan leather. I had a mark of ink or dye or something on a couple seats, and on the doors, I had grease/dirt handprints. The Interior Cleaner worked well on both.

olanmills-I second the recommendation for Griots Garage Interior Cleaner & Leather Care. Have used both for many years on other vehicles with much success.

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