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Higher avg speeds

I have about a 45 minute commute to work and the tollway speeds in Dallas can be 70 mph, so I tend to avg between 70 and 80 on my commute, does anyone else drive distance at these speeds in their MS? If so, how is the commute and what impacts do you see on range/performance?

Here in the Phoenix area the speed limit is 65 but everyone is going 75 - if you go much slower it gets dangerous! I average 330wh/m at that speed. The rated range is calculated at 304 wh/m (I think I got this right, if not I am close). That would give you an 8% increase in energy consumption at 75mph.

Leaving hills, wind and cold aside, we get exactly EPA 265mi range at 68-69mph steady over long runs. Based on experience, tables and charts you shouldn't lose much more than 15-20mi of range per 5mph above 69mph.

On two separate drives of about 150 miles each at 70-75 mph on Highway 5 in California I calculated 79.5% of rated Range to actual distance traveled.

I just did a 470 mile trip in California, averaging 70-80mph for the majority of it. On I-5 in particular (the majority of the distance) traffic tends to go about 80, and I set my cruise as such whenever possible. Total wh/m was 350 when I got home, so about 85% of rated range. It can vary a lot based on grade and wind though.

Awesome, thanks all...just what I needed.

Fortunately, my daily commute is far less than the rated range (and flat as hell in TX), so I shouldn't see any problems.

I drive the royal to oaklawn DNT everyday in my P85 MS. Its only 15min so not your distance but I start with the standard charge or 232-240mi and park it at night with 190-200 most days. So I'm 20-30% over the rated usage and I drive "tollway" speeds and never consider efficiency. Don't have any juice at the infomart yet so it vampires for 6-8 hours. Oh usually a 5mi lunch jaunt in there. Sounds like you're in frisco or such so probably going to burn more like 100mi rated as that's about double. Are you contemplating a 60? If so I'd think you still have quite a bit of headroom. Sorry the numbers are so imprecise I'll try and track down a photo of my trips after a standard day. Also plugging in every night is not only good but good for you;)

@christurbeville I'm in Rockwall (my major tollway run is PGBT), but I have a P85 on order, so I'm not overly worried about the range, I just wanted to make sure driving 80 mph wasn't a huge detriment.

@village33 - since drag goes up with the square of velocity, you can't say "lose x miles for every 5pm above that", as it gets worse the further up you go.

My commute is 33mi, and half of that is interstate driving at 80. I typically average around 375Wh/mi, including whatever HVAC is running, and I don't drive conservatively on surface roads.

@jat, thanks. I should have given the caveat: up to 80mph. I know about the velocity multiplier, but the tables, charts and my personal experience show lesser drops going from 70 to 75 vs the drop going from 65 to 75, etc (up to 80). Why I don't know. is pretty handy for figuring out energy estimates. I just did 1400+ mile road trip and its estimates are pretty spot-on (adjusting for wind speed). The "speed multiplier" there I think is the multiple of the speed limit you tend to drive on a given road. So if you says "1.1" that would be 77mph in a 70mph speed area, and 49mph in a 45 zone. Check the "Speed" for each segment in the output table to make sure it's about what you really would drive on each section, then adjust the multiplier accordingly. Also be honest about car payload -- that makes an enormous difference if there's any altitude changes on your trip (not just net changes, but wiggles up and down on the way too).

For "waypoints", it seems you need to list each waypoint address on individual lines (ie press enter after each one).

The UI is a little funky/rough, but the calculations are super helpful.

I second that CraigHughes. We did a 3 day trip last weekend with about 300 total miles on all sorts of oddball out of the way roads and the EV Trip Planner was pretty accurate for our energy usage.


I am in Dallas and commute to Fort Worth every day (64 mile round trip) at 70-85 mph . Start with the normal 235-240 mile range (85kwh) and end the day with anywhere from 135-150 left. So, about 100 miles rage used for the drive a higher speeds.

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