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Hitch / Bike Rack for Model S

Anyone try the trailer hitches that are now available for the Model S? Not that I want to tow anything but it would be nice to use my bike rack. Always afraid with a roof mounted rack that I will drive into my garage!

Anyone try a trailer hitch with a bike rack?

Check out the link to trailer hitch on

Has anyone used the Torklift hitches to actually tow a small trailer as opposed to just mounting a bicycle rack?

I know Pungoteague_Dave has one. Maybe he'll chime in with his impressions.

If you have the Pano roof you can direct mount a roof rack too.

Do a search on too as I'm sure there are other threads talking about the hitch mount.

Here's my hitch installation thread, with link to installation pictures:

Any roof rack compatible with the current BMW 3 series roof mounting points will work on the Model S. However I suspect that a roof rack would affect range more than the hitch mounted rack.


I have towed three trailers with my Model S. One was designed to tow behind a motorcycle, the second is a kayak trailer. The heaviest was a Tractor Supply 8' open utility trailer with a BMW GSA motorcycle on board, so around 1,000 pounds. No issues, but I would not go much bigger. I might tow our dual jet ski trailer or a Hobie Cat trailer, but have concerns that both are wider than the car and don't have brakes, so will probably stick to the ICE pickups for that duty.

You mean something like this?

I'm wondering if I can tow a gold cart on a carrier like that. As an example, one street legal golf cart weighs about 1200 pounds. Hmmm.

Sigh, "golf cart", not gold cart...

Aw, I was having fun picturing your gold cart ...

Hmmm, gold cart. Is that what you use when you cash out of TSLA at 300? ;-)

I guess Dave must have heard me! ;-)

Thanks for dropping buy!

Cool that you've been able to actually tow with it too. Are there specs that say how much? Or were you just winging it?

No doubt a hitch mount will affect range less than a roof rack with bikes on it.

Here's a thread (there are others) on this over at teslamotorsclub...!?highlight=bike+rack


Hmm, no live link? I'll try again, without the highlights too...!

I just put my bike in the car. Don't even have to remove front wheel.

@Rumbles - what kind of bike? I tried to get my mountain bike in w/o removing the front wheel but it wouldn't fit. Had to remove the wheel.

What makes you think he dropped the buy? I think he bought it.

@JZ13 I have a road bike. Cannondale synapse.

I just purchased a Yakima trunk mount for 3 bikes. REI said it will fit on the back with no problems. Looking forward to driving to fun places for bike rides with my kids this summer

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