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HomeLink frequencies?

The company who's going to install my garage door opener, says they need the frequency the HomeLink uses.
Any knows this for the European models?

Homelink is (supposed to be) universal. You train it with your current opener similar to a universal remote with a learning function.

It's at least covering this spectrum: 300/310/315/368/390 MHz

find more information on

Is there any news about the frequencies?
Is it different in the EU version?
Is it software version 7 ?

Tesla is not listed

A lot of different frequencies :

From Homelink's website which now shows the Tesla vehicles:

"HomeLink is compatible with radio frequency devices operating between 288 and 433 MHz. Select 2007 and newer vehicles are compatible up to 433 MHz."

My gate opener is 433 MHz and I will be programming it (or at least attempting) here shortly.

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