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I'm proud to be the 1st Tesla owner in Houston (at least according to this board and Tesla Owners Map).  Where better to showcase the merits of electric cars than the Energy Capital of the World!!

If I'm wrong, I'd love to meet any other owners who are incognito. 

@stephen.pace: Thank you very much for your advice.

@stephen.pace: Where did you take your MS for state inspection in Houston?

I took mine to Champion Tire and Auto (Goodyear) on Bammel North Houston, and I rode in the car while they did the brake test. The guys were car guys and knew exactly what the car was when I drove it up, but had never seen one in person. Any place can do it, though.

I am at Vintage Park but I don't see any Teslas. Are you here? If so, where?

Dang, I just learned about this group too late to go to Vintage Park...well, thanks for the tips on where to get the inspection. I still don't have my plates after 5 attempts at the bad for ordering special plates I guess. Do the Houston Tesla owners get together for anything outside of this Coffee and Cars get together?

@edavis008: Sorry we missed you--what time did you get there? We were in the front left parking lot--since we got there at 6:30am and it was raining, we left just after 9am because traffic was really thinning. Rain and cold really suppressed turnout this time. Next time!

If anyone wants notification about future meetups, PM me on the Tesla Motor Club forum and I will text you my details and keep you up to date:

I'm a new Houston Model S owner of 4 days (got mine on Wednesday night!)... Reserved back about 3 years ago. And I just found out about the Coffee and Car get together-- I would have loved to meet other Tesla owners there! I live down the street from Rice University. Hope to meet some of you in the weeks ahead!

Meanwhile, I'm figuring out how to get the latest software update on my car...

I talked to a service rep this morning and asked when I would get 4.1. (I have 4.0.) He said that 4.1 is not being pushed out now. Instead, 4.5 will be shortly coming out. Unfortunately, he had no info on what comes with 4.5.

Rakesh, it is definitely a push model for the firmware--you'll get it when you get it. A few cars had some issues with V4 hence it being reworked.

Greetings all! I have been virtually silent on the forums (but have read them frequently), so I wanted to introduce myself to the group. I will be a new Houston owner just as soon as I can get back to Houston (P671). In fact, I think the car is already in Houston waiting for me to return and finalize the paperwork and financing. Ironically, I am just an hour by car from the factory.

@Rakesh and Lynn005 - I also live in the Rice U area. I saw a Sig on my street at the end of December from a River Oaks couple. I'm not sure I'll make it to a coffee and cars gathering anytime soon. The Vintage is like in another city and 6:30am like in another dimension for me on a Saturday, plus my twins were born just yesterday.

I also happened to meet a Tesla employee at a holiday party. I asked and he answered that there are about 50 Model S owners/orders in the Houston area.

@Weston, welcome! What options/colors did you get? What day was the holiday party? Many cars were delivered in December / Early Jan so the numbers are certainly accelerating.

We are going to try and do other meetups besides Coffee and Cars--and you can certainly arrive later for that, you just won't get a parking place, at least initially. If you show up after 9, you might even find that someone nearby has left and you can park in their place.

Hopefully we'll have a gathering when the Houston service center opens soon.

Anyone interested in attending the "3rd Annual ASA Race Day" at the Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown on Saturday, January 26th? Gates open at noon and racing is 2pm to 6pm. Cost is $10/vehicle with unlimited runs.

2525 South Farm to Market Road 565
Baytown, TX 77523

I have never been to this nor have any idea if it is any good; however, if you wanted to legally test your Model S against yourself or another car, this is a low cost opportunity. Keep in mind that you will need to leave yourself enough charge to get home unless you plan to trailer over the car! 0 to 130 mph speed runs will... cut into your range. :-)

I just received notice that my Tesla is going to be delivered between Jan 24 and February 6. I am going to get a 14-50 plug in my garage. Who has installed one and who did you use? I would love to have a get together with everyone once I get my car...let me know when the next get together is.

Also, I work in Greenway and someone has a silver Tesla in my parking lot. I work in the same building, and I would liek to meet and chat. I will not give the building address for security reasons, but please respond if it is you so we can get together.

I've been told my car will be delivered on Thursday. That's after previously being told it would be delivered yesterday (1/7). The car left the factory on 12/29 and is still in Arizona. Go figure.

VIN P03125

@RandyL: I used Solar City who (not supporting Texas yet) referred me to Mr. Electric. Probably not the cheapest, but I think they did a good job. I got a guy who had done a number of charging stations and electric vehicles. Worth getting a quote from them, anyway. Any electrician can do a NEMA 14-50, though--just hope you have space in your panel for a 50 amp breaker! Good luck.

@RandyL: I installed my own hookup with an electrician friend. Any electrician can do this for you but here are some pointers:
1. Check your service - if its 200Amp 240V or greater then you can probably install a 100Amp circuit ready for the super charger - if not you should think about only 50 or 60 Amp install or increase the size of your service. There should be a label near your main breaker that says what service input you have.

2. The electrician may tell you that your breaker box is too full. There is an answer to this. Replace some of the single breakers with doubles and then add your 100Amp in the space made - these breakers are available at Lowes.

3. Make sure you run the cable in conduit (EMT) up to the roof line or where ever you enter your house structure (my service is on the opposite side of the house from the garage). The rest of the run can be through attic or crawl spaces and inside walls. Any exposed cable must be in conduit - can be flexible.

4. 100AMP rated 4 core cable is tough to run and terminate and needs a lot of patients. Holes to run the cable through fire stop etc should be 1-1/2” for this cable size and filled with fire retardant foam.

My cable run was about 150 ft. The best way to do this is lug the cable reel into the roof, roll it out straight as needed and thread down – so that you can use gravity to help as the cable is heavy

5. Putting a 100/50AMP disconnect switch in the garage is useful and maybe required by local fire departments.

6. I found that putting the 14-50 socket about 4ft up on the wall allows the charging indicator on the cable to hang down so it is easy to see – unlike the plug indicator the LED strip always shows if you are charging or not.

8. Cost: - $800-900 for cable, switches, breakers conduits etc. Then there is the labor for the electrician- so $1600-1800 would be probably ok

9. Parts:
1. 4 core #4 100AMP rated 'service entrance' cable
2. 2 x Double breakers
3. 1 x 100Amp Breaker
4. Conduit, Elbows (LBs), water tight glands
5. 100AMP switch box (in garage)
6. 14-50 sockect (in garage)
7. In wall mounting box for 14-50 socket (in garage)
8. Tie wraps

I may have forgotten a few things but this should give you the basic gist and give you the ability to make sure you get a good install if you contract it out.

Sorry, I really can count just deleted item 7 and forgot to re-number

I just went through a small panic attack when my accountant told me I could not take the $7500 tax credit due to AMT. I wanted to let you all know that under the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, you can take the individual tax credit regardless of your situation with AMT, so everyone should be able to utilize the tax credit beginning in 2012.

@Stephen - thanks! I have the 'storm-trooper' package - loaded performance, pearl-white with carbon-fiber. The party was Sunday, Dec 23rd. I understood him to mean all current and future deliveries as of that time.

The whole family is back in Houston now. I have confirmed the car is here, but I'm waiting on Tesla to complete the final paperwork so I can give them the check. I thought I'd hear back on Friday. I've been waiting since March 2009 - I suppose I can wait a few more days.

I had to get a firmware update because of a glitch that pushed a message to me about the 12v battery. After the firmware update, no more error message about that. So funny having software repairs rather than hardware huh?

I am anxious to hear when we can all group in the Houston area!!!

@Weston wee have the exact same configuration. I just received mine on Wednesday. It looks exactly like I hoped so I'm very happy with it. The storm trooper combo has recieved several great compliments already.

In just 4 days I've already been followed home once and given several impromptu tours and 'elevator pitches' about the car. I feel like I'm a part time car salesman.

@eltonf You are lucky to have received yours. Mine left Fremont on Dec 31st and has been stuck in Los Angeles for days. Have been told that they would try to get it to me on Sunday, Jan 13th. I have heard nothing so far.

VIN 3103

@Patk I'm sorry to hear that. Mine was shipped on Dec. 29 butt sat in Arizona for about a week. It's odd mine was shipped first since my VIN was slightly higher 3125. I hope you get your car soon.

Just received mine Friday. Are there any others in The Woodlands area? Love it! Vin 3253, black, tech package. Am experiencing some of the mild issues others have mentioned -- buffeting pressure with all windows closed, passenger door needing to be slammed. Forums have been helpful in recognizing them and solving (partially). Doesn't detract from loving the car! Happy to help anyone else as we collectively learn the car. Look forward to participating more in this forum.

@jkwolfie and @eltonf- How was the delivery process? Any finish problems? Did the delivery specialist meet with you yet or are they still way behind on that?

@Patk- I hope yours comes in soon.

@jwolens - VIN 3103 still has not been delivered. In fact, it's still stuck in Los Angeles even though I was told that it would be loaded on the truck 5 days ago. He claims that the delivery process is out of the control of Tesla because UPS subcontracts that to another operator. The next ETA is Jan 16. Again, this may not happen. Very frustrating! in particular, I see others MS with VIN higher than me have already been delivered to owners in Houston.

There was an article in the Chronicle this morning about Model S - and interviews with two local owners.

Houston Service Center will hopefully be opening soon (March?).

My Model S is ready to load for transport - and hope to get it soon...

@jwolens I met the delivery truck at Memorial City Mall. He delivered a Porshe to another couple at the same time. There wasn't a delivery specialist, just the driver. The driver was very professional and the process was smooth. He knew a lot about how to operate the car.

The car was in very good condition with about 200 miles of charge. I didn't get any floor mats for the front, which was a little annoying since it was raining during the delivery.

BP, mine might be sharing the truck with yours.. VIN and papers all ready. Hopefully they ship it monday. I was told the houston service center will be ready by the end of this month vs march.

Some of you are posting that your car is here in houston BEFORE you do final paperwork and make payment? How is that possible that tesla ships you are car without payment? My paperwork and wire needed to clear before they load mine.. (hopefully Monday)... odd.

Also those that have registered already with state of TX, what papers did tesla give you? I got a CA DMV temp tag which I'm assuming is useless here in TX

Hope to get confirmation today on shipping... Electrician comes tomorrow... Getting close...

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