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I'm proud to be the 1st Tesla owner in Houston (at least according to this board and Tesla Owners Map).  Where better to showcase the merits of electric cars than the Energy Capital of the World!!

If I'm wrong, I'd love to meet any other owners who are incognito. 

@patelpk - You should receive the Certificate of Origin from Tesla via FedEx after you signed the paperwork. Take the Certificate of Origin, final MVPA and your proof of insurance to one of the tax offices in town. After you pay the hefty sales tax and registration, you will get your TX license plate and sticker and you are ready to go. After you receive the car (and I hope it won't be as delayed as mine since I still have not received mine 2 weeks after it left the factory), you can take your MS for the State Inspection.

@jwolens -- delivery was just fine. Very professional (third party) delivery service, who had a couple other Teslas on board, one of which they had tried to deliver earlier but apparently there was a scratch of some kind and the recipient refused it.

It had clearly rained on my car prior to (or during) it being loaded, so there was some residual light dirt on the car. Also still had a few inspection white "checkmarks" on the windows that rubbed off with some effort. When you receive the car this way (not through a local middleman) it doesn't get handed to you with a pristine, just-washed shine. As long as you realize that -- it's perfectly fine; just need to manage your expectations.

Tesla-provided manuals and video were great tools, along with a Youtube video or two. Didn't really miss the delivery specialist.

@patelpk -- I had to provide evidence of the wire transfer before they would load and ship the car. That seems like a hard and fast rule.

I had not yet submitted the signed paperwork associated with getting the Cert of Origin, etc. (a second round of paperwork not eligible for online signature -- included good ol' fashioned carbon paper).

Not doing the latter is probably more of a risk for the buyer than for Tesla, so it didn't delay the shipment -- I sent them the money without that paperwork confirmed/returned. It took an extra moment of faith in the process to send that wire!...

The Harris County Assessor @ 1721 Pech Rd. initially wouldn't accept my final paper work because it wasn't signed by Tesla. I was using the 2 pages Tesla mailed to me. I had to print out an additional page (the first 3 pages after the configuration page) to include the page with Tesla's signature.

Even after including Tesla's signature page the tax assessor wouldn't accept it initially because they were insisting the that Tesla sign the price breakdown page. Finally, after a LOT of prodding they accepted the fact that the signature on the 3rd page applies to the entire document.

Does anyone know of a good, reliable window tinting and / or car wrapping service in Houston?

I would be interested to know what happens when you do not accept shipment of the car as @jkwolfie mentioned in his post about one of the cars on the trailer.

From Tesla's perspective, I believe when you paid for it, it is yours (period). This seemed to be the case with the guy in the NW US who had lots of problems with his car and posted a "I am done with Tesla" post of the forum. They ended making things right by him but it did not seem to be their standard response.

Does Tesla take it back to factory, fix issues and send it back? Does it stay local to have the work done here. Do they put you on the end of the wait list and have you wait for your turn before they make a new car?

Anyone know? I hope not to be in that position...

Received my new Tesla last week. Got the registration done yesterday, and got the Tags. I am getting ready to install the front license plate bracket that came with the car. Do I have it right that you have to drive all 5 wood screws into the plastic facia on the front of the car? I couldn't find any instructions or guidance on this. Thought I would ask before punching 5 permanent holes into my new car.

Has anyone taken their Model S from Houston to Dallas? If so, how long did it take, and where did you charge (since you probably can't make it all the way to Dallas on one charge, at highway speeds)?

@lammersc Don't do it! Leave that front license plate off. I haven't had a front license plate in 5 years and have received 1 ticket for no front license plate. I also received a few warnings attached to speeding tickets :)

If you do get a ticket all you have to do is pay $10 and show a picture of the license plate attached to the car. Since all you need is a picture even if you get a ticket you can literally tape the plate to the car, take a picture, then take the plate right back off.

I've had my Model S for a week and there's no way I'm attaching a front license plate to it.

Just got my car yesterday.. with Tesla having now clue where it was or when it would get here. Really frustrating.. no jump seats, passenger door won't open, keyfobs don't work.. customer service seems to be impaired as is the testing team/quality control now that they are pushing out more cars.

Tint place recommendations?

what has tesla done for others when you have it repaired, loaner car?

anyone heard of the battery repurchase for replacement in 8 years?

@patelpk sorry to hear about your car issues. I was fortunate with my car, virtually no issues.

I took my car to Executive Tint on Hillcroft near the galleria. I got the ceramic tint and so far I'm happy with the results. I went there because they had several Model S customers before me. Knowing I wasn't the first Model S owner through their doors made me more comfortable.

If you go ask for Brandon, let him know Elton sent you.

@patelpk: Bummer. How are you driving it if the keyfobs don't work? Or do you just mean the keyfobs won't work to open the passenger door? Texas is really screwing Tesla here because if a DS could get the car first, they could schedule repairs prior to you getting the car. As it is, if something transpires in shipping, Telsa won't know until you do. Obviously they should catch most things at the factory before shipping, but presumably the door worked at initial test but failed soon after, perhaps jarred during shipment.

Battery replacement program (essentially insurance) has been announced but as far as I know you can't purchase it yet. $12k for the 85 kWh battery, details here:

@patelpk: my car's in transit - and was told it could arrive as early as tomorrow. The combination of paying for the car before delivery and the reports of vehicles arriving with multiple issues (that would normally be taken care of by the dealer before delivery) creates unnecessary angst. Things might get better when the Service Center opens - but that won't help me this week (and then I found out my car was built in December)...

Just got back from a trip to Austin this week. Stayed at the Wyndham Garden which has a Chargepoint charger. Noone was using the charger the nights I was there. I did see a Volt charging one morning. So the next time I head to Austin, with my Model S, will plan to stay there. Since the charger is a City of Austin charger, and they don't take reservations - there is a risk someone else might be using the charger when I get there - but that's probably a low risk for a while...

Now, to figure out how to get make a Dallas trip, which would be around 280 miles each way from my house. Will be more challenging than the Austin trip - until there's a Supercharger.

I went to a place at 59 and W. Bellfort in the same place as the Shipley's Donuts to get my Model S windows tinted, as well as some more Star Shield paint armor. Ask for Sunny, and tell him Susan G. had her S done there. He ought to remember me because Tesla failed to install the paint armor at the factory and so he had to install it for me. As for the window tint, he used the kind that will not interfere with the electronic wireless transmissions, etc. Looks good, and provides a bit of privacy and protection from our horrid temperatures here in Big-H.

As for charging stations, they've recommended some mobile apps that can point you to RV parks that have the higher voltage hookups and of course, just plugging in at gas stations/motels, etc. But I can't wait for those superchargers...preferably at Bucee's! I want to drive north of Dallas, and feel safe doing it.

Oh, and as for the front license plate installation, Tesla can do it at their service center (if it is open yet), but I like the idea of taping it on there long enough to provide proof should I get a last year, there was a glitch in the legislation, and the front license plate requirement was accidentally omitted. I expect that they will add it back in when the session occurs this year...but who knows?

@bp - i had the same angst, but believe me it evaporates quickly once you see your S being lowered from the truck! Again, manage your expectations about it being spic 'n span coming off the truck, and be sure to give it a good once-over before the driver leaves. My drivers had done a thorough job of inspecting it prior to taking posession themselves.

The purchase/delivery/initial ownership experience definitely has a few speedbumps, but a degree of patience and an understaning that we're helping a US start-up organization be successful will go a long way in keeping a permanent smile on your face behind the wheel.

I just drove my S from Houston to Fort Worth today. I was able to stop at Home On The Range RV Park in Madisonville. It's just a few miles away from Bucees. The owner Robert was very nice and allowed me to charge at an open 14-50. I paid him $10.

They also have a restaurant there. The owner asked if I would be passing through often because he could install a plug in front of the restaurant. It's also next to I-45 on the north bound side. Great place to stop.

eltonf, how long did it take you to make the trip to Fort Worth. The 14-50 will only get you about 30 miles charge per hour so, to make the trip, did you stop for several hours at the RV park?

I'll probably be making several Houston-Dallas trips this year - and hoping to figure out a reasonable way to take the Model S before the Supercharger is installed.

@bp The trip took about 5.5 - 6 hours to go 256 miles. I stopped at the RV park for about 40 minutes to get 16 miles. I only stayed for a short period because at the time it left me with a surplus of about 30 miles I figured I had plenty of energy left to make it to my destination.

Key numbers:
- Set cruise control to 65mph
- Used range charge (271 rated miles)
- Charged at RV park for 40 minutes (+16 rated miles)
- Completed 256 mile trip with 11 rated miles left
- Averaged about 315 kWh power usage
- 65mph will allow you to match rated miles on flat ground

Overall it took me 276 rated miles to travel an actual distance of 256 miles. I think Fort Worth to Houston can be made on a single charge since Houston is at a lower elevation than Fort Worth. It was the occasional hills that really killed my range.

One thing I noticed is the rated miles are calculated from an energy output of 300 kWh. If you can keep your output at 300 you'll match your rated miles almost exactly.

Correction, my average power was obviously in Wh/mi, not kWh.

I hope lots of y'all show up for Coffee and Cars on Saturday, Feb 2. I am going to have to finalize my color choice soon and I need to see some samples! :-)

Where is coffee and cars? I should get my car next week and I would like to meet up with some of you.

Coffee and cars link

I received today my invitation to configure. But I need help with choosing a color. I need to see colors on a real car. Please contact me via private message at the following link. Thanks!

Has anybody successfully mounted an EZ Tag on their windshield?

If the windshield tag doesn't work, has anyone figured out how to mount the plate tag somewhere without putting a front license plate on the car (which evidently isn't currently required in Texas)?

I got my VIN P04265z!!!

There will be another Tesla in the Rice / TMC area in the next 1-3 weeks!

@jwolens I have VIN 4016 and live in the TMC area as well. My car should be shipped on Monday and arrive by the following Monday Feb 4. My car has finished testing. All that is left is the agonizing wait for it to arrive.

Got my EZ Tag working on the windshield...

I parked my car underneath one of the test gates at an EZ Tag Store - and kept hunting for someplace on the windshield where the windshield EZ Tag worked.

Without removing the backing, I was able to find a spot right of the rear view mirror post, where I was able to carefully slide the EZ Tag partway underneath the rear view mirror mount and the top edge of the windshield - leaving only part of the EZ Tag visible from inside the car. In this position - the tag worked reliably on the test gate - and registered at the two toll booths I passed as coming home. And the fit appears snug enough in this spot, that I may not need to fasten the tag to the windshield.

NOTE that this is in the black spotted zone right of the rear view mirror mount.

I had purchased an EZ Tag for the license plate, because I'd heard people were having problems getting the EZ Tag to work on the Model S windshield. But now that I've go the windshield tag working, not sure if I'll install the front license plate (and get holes drilled in the nose cone).

@bp. Thanks for the info on EZ Tag location. I am worried what HCTA will do if the tag does not work and you don't have a front tag. I don't use the toll roads much so not big deal for me.

@TimJ. I think mine is coming the follow week or two. It is dark blue with grey interior. I'm wondering how the delivery truck will fit on the streets in my area with cars parked on both sides to he street. May blck the street for a while.

I also want to mention that I was told that my DS would not be coming to show me things about the car due to problems Tesla is having with the state. My DS will be available by phone and they have some orientation video available to watch.

I initially was told that the DS would show up a day or week later to review the car details with me.

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