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I'm proud to be the 1st Tesla owner in Houston (at least according to this board and Tesla Owners Map).  Where better to showcase the merits of electric cars than the Energy Capital of the World!!

If I'm wrong, I'd love to meet any other owners who are incognito. 

@jwolens I also live in a neighborhood with narrow streets. I talked with my delivery driver and we agreed that I would take delivery at a large parking lot (@ Memorial City Mall) where he would have an easy time maneuvering his truck. TimJ was there to witness the event.

Sorry if this has already been covered, but my window for delivery is in the next two weeks. ( Yay!) and I am considering trading in a vehicle to Tesla. If I do, will the trade-in value be deducted from my taxable total?



Can't trade in with Telsa in Texas. No way to get sales tax credit.

@eltonf- I live very close to Rice so I guess we'll do the delivery there.

Also, for people interested, I had my outlet done by Trio Electric- they mainly do commercial projects but I know the owner. VERY Professional job. They checked my max electrical load, checked the amps coming into my box, and instead of replacing my whole box as was quoted by the company Telsa recommended here in town, used a special breaker / fuse (I don't know the word for the breaker in the breaker box itself) and allowed me to use my existing breaker box and saved me $$$.

I have seen some other similar projects done by other companies and I was thoroughly impressed by the job they did.

(713) 957-3336 or email

I'm in a bit of a situation, and was hoping there might be someone in town that might be able to help.

I've been eyeing a Tesla for a while, and missed the test drive event when they came into town last year. I decided to pull the trigger and put my name of the list in Dec '12 hoping I could test drive the car before I had to commit to the Model S. I got the email 2 weeks later to configure and commit to my car by mid-Feb... problem is I can't buy a car without ever having driven it! The Tesla showroom says that they won't have a test drive here until later in the year.

So I'm hoping someone in town would be okay with letting me drive their car, and share their experience with me. I'd really appreciate it..

Thanks in advance!

@jwolens. No DS does show; however, the video is pretty good (and the car is a breeze to drive anyway). The local service rep (I am in Dallas) did come by a week later to walk through the car, inventory any missing items and answer any questions.

As a reminder, Houston Coffee and Cars is again this weekend and the weather looks to be a lot better than January’s meeting:

NEXT GATHERING: FEB 2, 2013 Join us the first Saturday morning of February for our next gathering. From 8:00AM until 10:00AM at Vintage Park.

All are welcome to come by and attend. If you are bringing a Tesla, please try to arrive by 6:30am (!) so you can get a space and park together. The Teslas generally park to the back side of the front left lot as you drive in the primary entrance, but feel free to park anywhere.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to miss this one, but hopefully some Houston Tesla owners will come out and represent! :-)

I am trying to come this weekends C&C. I won't have my Tesla (I should get it the following weekend) but I'll be bring my classic convertible.

Then again, I may not be getting out of bed in time to pick up my car and drive to get there by 6:15, so we'll see.

@john_cohn- I watched the video and thought it was ok. A learned a few things that I had not already learned through my demo. Still think it would be helpful to have someone show you how things work on you actual car. Maybe the laws will change to allow that.

Got my email with the VIN this week.
Reservation # 8872, VIN 4283
Metallic Blue, Tan Napa leather
85 KW
Tech, Active Air, Twin Chargers
Provided all the paperwork, waiting for delivery!!
I will be at C&C this weekend - hope to meet some of the local owners

Looks like several of us without our cars yet will be at C & C tomorrow. I hope some Model S's will be there!

Good to meet you all ( or should I say y'all, it sounds funny with my English accent) at coffee & cars today. Still waiting for my VIN for my car:
Res# 10191
Metallic silver, black leather
Tech, Air, Twin chargers, Sound Studio, Pano roof
Delivery window feb 5th thru 19th

Coffee and Cars Houston was pretty successful yesterday. I don’t even want to begin to estimate how many people I talked to about my car. All I know is that I was dead tired when I left and felt really satisfied that I had educated so many people about the car.

The amount of people lined up along the main drag watching as cars left Vintage Park was astonishing. All I know is that I was lined up with some pretty impressive cars on my way out, which most people were overlooking because they were so interested in the Tesla. Photographers were obviously doing whatever they could to get a shot of my car. The best part was people yelling at me to “REV IT UP”.

Anyways, today was a lot of fun and I can’t wait until next month.

I forgot to mention that when I was leaving Coffee and Cars the guy that owns We Got Your Back at Vintage Park came up to me and said he would save Tesla's a spot in front of his practice next month. I think we should take advantage of that next month since his store is in a prime location. I guess I will contact him and see how we can get that done. Here is his info:

Got my email with my VIN today: 4611
Res# 10191
Metallic silver, black leather
Tech, Air, Twin chargers, Sound Studio, Pano roof
Delivery window feb 5th thru 19th

@Cyberwelly - Congratulations!! It was very nice speaking with you at Coffee and Cars. It must be finished with production. I think they allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. Best wishes on your delivery!

got my paperwork for registration in CA! and statement of delivery outside of CA.
Don't have any word about what I need to do with my Credit Union yet...
Getting anxious...

two weeks into the car.. car great, lack of communication from Tesla.. not so great.. still missing the rear facing seats with not ETA

Toll Tags -- two questions:

Can't seem to register online to add a new toll tag, I think because there's no entry for Tesla in the "make" drop-down. I selected "Other" but that didn't work. Has anyone had similar issues and how did you fix them? Did you just call HCTRA?

I'm also reading online that people in other states are having problems getting the transponders to read through the coated windshield. Seems like you're supposed to put the tag/sticker on the black dots near the rear-view mirror. Is that what others have done?

Have had the car a month -- loving it! Thanks all!

I went to the EZTag store and got the tag from them. You can start using the tag before you have the permanent license plate - once you have the permanent plate, you can go online and change the EZPass record for the car to have the correct license tag id.

I was able to get the windshield tag by sliding it underneath the right side of the rear view mirror mount, and sliding the upper half of the tag into the joint between the windshield and the roof.

This spot is snug enough that I haven't had to take the backing off the EZtag - and stick it to the windshield.

This location hides the tag pretty well - because it's only barely visible from inside the car - and hidden from view on the outside.

I tested this at one of the EZTag stores - and verified that I'm getting charged each time I go through a toll plaza.

I was prepared to put a front license tag on the car - but this works great - and eliminates the need to put on the front license plate.

Hey LiteWait, I drove thru Houston Coffee and Cars, but had to go on and get to work that day. I didn't see any other Teslas there, or I might have stopped and networked. I would love to get to know other Tesla owners here in town, as I have yet to see any others "in the wild" as it were! So, for sure, try to get the chiropractor to hold open for our S' in March! Even if I have to be at work that day, I will stop by. How early do you usually get there?

Just got my car today! Very pleased with the car. I have the 60KWH version. It is everything everyone ever said about the car. It is absolutely the best car I have ever owned and I only have driven about 60 miles. The delivery process could be a little smoother, but once you get it you totally forget about the delivery. Kids love the car and it is actually easier for them to open the doors. The speed in comparison to the 85 is not noticeable since I am probably too scared to actually floor it! The 60 is extremely fast as well. For those is well worth it.


@TimJ- I was the last delivery yesterday. I have only driven 6 miles or so total but really like the car.

I agree that 60kWh battery is plenty quick although I have not floored it yet.

I especially agree with you comments on the delivery. I was made to come to the driver instead of the other way around (Off of 288 so you may have been the delivery just before mine).

I spoke with Vince- the delivery manager who was very displeased with the whole process from his end and wanted me to post something and let Tesla know. I posted a little rant on the main S forum about this last night. Doubt it will do much good.

Still have to play around with the car some his afternoon after I get the inspection done. Then I will really start to see what joys it holds for me.

@jwolens I went to this place called the Sticker Station. Guy very friendly, location is kind of a dump, but it took about 10 minutes max to get everything done.

@TimJ and @jwolens: I got my 60kw last week and have loved it. I am sorry to say that mu sunroof is broken and the car came with a door ding. I am excited to own the car, but VERY underwhelmed by the delivery process (the did not know where my car was for 3-4 days) and teh fact that the sunroof is already broken. They did come out to fix it, but they don't inventory parts in Houston, so they have to order it and come back to fix the car. I also have to take the car to a body shop to fix the door ding.

Oh, and I have floored th 60kw, and I can't imagine having more power. I would probably kill myself.

I can never make the Coffee an Cars since I have a young kid and there always seems to be something to do on the weekend it comes up. ANYONE UP FOR A TESLA GET TOGETHER OUTSIDE OF COFFEE AND CARS?

I was thinking we should do something on a Thursday evening or Saturday Afternoon. Let me know your thoughts.

@RandyL: For sure. I have a Ranger visit tomorrow morning, and I will ask how the service center is coming. Regardless, we can just schedule something, perhaps meet up for dinner and then caravan to the service center open or not. The next few weeks are terrible for me, though. How does Sat 3/16 or Thurs 3/21 look to everyone?

@suegie: I got there at 6:30am thanks to the advice from Stephen Pace. The place was already packed by then and the cars just kept coming. It was an unbelievable turnout.

3/21 Would be great for me. Maybe we can meet somewhere there is a diner or dinner and all visit (5:30-7:30 PM)? I know a lot of the owners are in the West U/Med Center/Bellaire area. How about Buffalo Grill in West U?

Sounds good to me. I put it on my calendar for 3/21 at 5:30pm. All are welcome to join!

Buffalo Grille Academy & Bissonnet (West U)
4080 Bissonnet St
Houston, TX 77005

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