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How do you delete visited charger locations?

I just brought in my car for service today (left the P85, taking a brand new P85+, just ~500miles). I can see prior visited charger locations of previous drivers. In other words, I can see where their houses are. It is nice to know those are possible "emergency" charging locations. But it can be bad if privacy is becoming an issue.

There is no way to delete them, at least not in 4.5. I had a correspondence with a "Tesla Experience Advocate" back on August 1st, and he replied:

"I’m escalating this concern to our head of service so that we may quickly create a process to reset each vehicle when they return and are prepared for the next customer."

Apparently the process is not in place yet.

Thank you.

@andy - good catch.

It's a other just charger locations either. My loaner today had about 15 phones synced and 20+ different GPS point. They need a way to "factory reset" the car after we turn it in.

*It's not instead of its a other.

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