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How do you know if you have the titanium underbody shield installed?

I just picked up my P85 yesterday and like everyone, my wife and I have the Tesla Grin!

I know the titanium underbody shield started production on 3/6 according to the article I just read. I just can't remember when my P85 started production. I think it was either 3/5 or 3/6. When I asked my DS about it, he 'thought' I should have the new shield but wasn't 100% sure on it.

I was wondering if there is a way to tell if have the new shield or not. I looked under the car but I didn't see anything that would tell me it was the new shield.

I believe all Teslas made after March 6th had that upgrade.


I know but I can't remember if mine started production on the 5th or 6th.

I guess you could always take it to a service center and have them look. Or try driving over a cement block.

Mine entered production about march 17 (VIN 33749). I talked to my showroom specialist and he referred me to the DS. They just closed...

Could someone post the picture of the underbody (looking from the front) of MS produced before 3/6? I promise to add one that shows my underbody, if different.

Ur window sticker shows ur actual build date. No lift in my garage to take pics for you. My date was 3/20 so just assume its the latest bells and whistles.

I think looking for the forward aluminum bar would be the most accessible. Maybe an "upskirt" photo with a phone will reveal the evidence.

Look under the car, you will see a blackish colored sheet of metal that has some holes in it, where you see the adhesive that use to adhere to the battery pack. I got my car yesterday and checked it out and mine has it. This "plate" covers the entire battery pack.

I would not worry about it, if its not there, they will install at first scheduled maintenance. Enjoy the car!


I picked up my s85 3/24 and I called the service center and they confirmed it is already installed.

jordanrich--the new black titanium plate does NOT cover the entire battery pack, but is positioned up front. The OP can go to TMC and search there--some members have posted photos.

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