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How far can outlet be from rear of car?

I just installed a 14-50 in my garage on the driver's side of where the car will be parked. It will be near the front wheels, so probably 13-14ft from the outlet to the plug-in port on the car. Will the charger reach?

Yes 18ft cord

Thank God! I should have asked BEFORE I did the install.... I'm glad it worked out! :)

I use an RV extension cable and it works fine. I don't have to back my car into the drive way. The cable is 30 feet long.

Yeah, if it doesn't reach, just get an RV 50 amp extension cord of the appropriate length.

Mine is installed on the rear wall of the garage, on the driver's side, and the cable fits fine.

Same here.. reaches perfectly with car parked about 3' from wall.

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