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How I got invested in Tesla

Although I am just a high school senior I wanted to support Tesla. I found investing to be the best way since the Model s was only in my dreams. So I went to Scottrader since I could open an account for $500. Had to be cosigned because at the time I was 17, but after it was all said and done I got 21 shares for $28.2099 a share on August 30, 2012. After investing 600 dollars thought I would just leave it in and not invest any more because I still have to fill up the gas hungry 93 gmc sierra. But I couldn't resist because Solarcity's was having an IPO so I had to get in on that. As of today I have 25 shares of Tesla TSLA and 50 Shares of Solarcity. I am hoping for a bright future and I hope my small investment helps Tesla and Solarcity revolutionize the world.


I think you maybe uploading a shortcut to a file, rather than the picture you're after.

Cant wait for the Tesla supercharger announcement tomorrow

Congrats man! keep it going!

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