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How long to get WA license plate?

Since Tesla delivered my car with (paper) temporary sticker, I wonder how long until the plates arrive? Also will I receive them in the mail or come back to the service center?

It's ironic that I could have had plates the same day by going to a WADOT office near my house (at least with a used car being registered). Anybody get their plates yet?

I got mine a week after my temp tag expired. I sent mail to my rep and they were FedEx to me two days later.

I had the same experience. About two days before expiration of the temp, I dropped an email to customer service and the plates were fedex'd a day or two later.

Same thing happened to me: temp tag expired, plates by fedex 3-4 days later. Just went to the King County Licensing office to get a personalized plate: TESLAFY

I got it faster, 10 days after picked up my car at Bellevue

My plates came about 2 weeks before the temporary tags expire

My plates arrived 2 weeks before the temporary tags expired. I did order a personalized plate: IMCHRGD

All of 13 days include one holiday. Regular WA plates, came from Tesla by Fedex.

Got the car on June 29, got the plates on July 9.

Plates came a couple weeks after the car.

5 Weeks

I got my personalized Seahawks plates in 4 weeks. Don't have the car to put them on yet.

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