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How many times have you rebooted your 17" Screen?

I'm in my 7th day of ownership, 100 miles on the car with 18 miles at delivery. I'm been sick for the past few days and didn't get a chance to drive that much.

I've rebooted my 17" screen twice:

Day 5 Fix browser not connecting to the internet, even with full 3G bars
Day 7 Fix connectivity from my iPhone TM app

Firmware 4.5 (1.33.54)
Delivered on 7/9/13
VIN: 14123

How many time have you rebooted since you got your car?

Had my Mistress 90 days, 3,200 miles. Only rebooted once when a website (Time4Tesla) hung. No issues before or since.

I rebooted a couple of times on earlier software--not at all the last few months. We are at 10,000 miles in six months and enjoying it!

proactively, prophylactically, preventively, and preservatively. But I don't think it will be provocatively. ;)

Not even once so far (only one month/1.8k mi total). I didn't get the cloth either, but I hear that's common.

I almost rebooted it when TuneIn radio appeared to have caused Slacker to start going nuts (after trying to tune in Iranian and South Korean radio stations to no avail, switching back to Slacker caused all songs to skip forward after playing for 3 seconds), but got distracted and left it alone. When I got into the car the next morning (without reset), everything worked fine.

Rebooted 17" screen twice since taking delivery 6/28. Both times when the web browser hung.

Have had to reboot 3 times and have only had mine two weeks. All 3 times were because of browser not opening up web pages (even though other internet functions like TuneIn Radio were working fine) and I had several bars on 3G.

@Brian H
I should never trust the browser spell checker. Thanks

@RhinoEO22 and @CalDreamin
Seems similar issues I'm experiencing with data connectivity.

Anyone know if there is a bug feedback process to TM, or just call the Service Center?

Two times. Both events were last year.
Haven't needed to do it since.

I've had my car just over 7 months and rebooted the large screen several times. Once was the day I got it (it wasn't syncing my contacts); another time was because contacts were no longer updating; another time I had a weird error and I was told to reboot both screens, while driving, by Tesla (worked fine, plus the error vanished, never to return). I rebooted one other time, at least (it didn't help with the hiccup that caused me to try a reboot).

So I guess that's a little less than once a month. 2-3 times were due to contact syncing quirks.

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