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How many Wh/mile are you averaging? We are at 291.

We have driven our 60KWh Tesla MS for over 5,200 miles so far in about 4 months. We are averaging a rather surprising 291 Wh/mile. My wife drives it most of the time and yes, she is a 'safe' driver; always drives at or below speed limit.

I know it's not really an apples to apples comparison as terrain, weather and driving habits vary. But I thought it would be a fun exercise as many of you by now have several months under the belt and have a meaningful 'average'.

Type away :-)


Avg 318, 2800 mi in 5 weeks, MS85, 19. I have made 3 road trips hypermiling as low as 270. But the real fun is taking my wife's advice to " drive fast and take chances". I hope to join the 400 club.

P85 - just a hair under 9K miles. Average 340 wh/mile. Live in hills, so up and down really bumps you up a bit.

When driving long distance on flat highway, averages about 290-295 wh/mile at 70 mph.

@tezzla , @Newampster - I just checked my latest usage again. It's up to 416...

Alright, alright, I'll slow down every once in a blue moon so you guys can catch up and enjoy the instant rocket launches too...

7000 miles, 19" tires average 316 Wh/Mile. Include some winter driving with battery heaters running (so close to 400 Wh/mile in the winter) and 20 miles at the track @ 1000 Wh/mile (with 40 other Tesla owners).

I created a google form for this:

Form entry and you should have access to the sheet as well.

I need to enter my own data. I have about 8k miles and avg a bit under 300 w/mile.

The Form has the following so far.
Miles Driven Wh/mile Avg All 336.692307692308

I want TM to add another few ways to view remaining range:

1) Ideal
2) Rated
3) Projected
4) User Average
5) Average of 1,2,3 and 4


Actually this is a useful thread and thanks @murraypetera for the summary.

Before I saw @murraypetera’s tally, I also ran the numbers. I left out any wH/mile that did not have a mileage linked to them and came up with a weighted average of 321 wh/mile compared to the 337 reported above. I guess the high-consuming (heavy-footed and/or traffic-bound) drivers are putting on fewer miles than their “conservative” counterparts?

305 wph, S85 Kwh, 19" wheels, 11,500 miles.

Lots of Florida driving on route US 95 and the car seems to love beautiful A1A along the coast where the limit is 35 mph.

Like @murraypetera's Google form. Hope many more people would add their data.

@murraypetera, is there a way to see the summary data?

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