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How much money are you wasting at the pump?

I couldn't help but contemplate this the other day after filling up at $3.50 a gallon. Using the numbers provided at I calculated that I lost $40 filling up my car. The more depressing part was realizing that since gas prices are projected to continue climbing this summer, it's only going to get worse.

Assuming I'm not going to get my S until November that's more than $1200, not accounting for price increases that I will waste waiting.

I can only imagine how reservation holders on the coasts are suffering.


Yes, my iPod has been a huge blessing!

@Tikiman, petero.

120 miles about 200 days / year 20mpg car with European gas prices would be around 1200gallons of gas = about 4542 liters * 1.6 EUR/liter * currency conversion = $9617 year. Electricity isn't free, but even if you cut 1/5 off from that you still have $7693 savings each year on gas alone. If you buy a base Model S model of $60000 (with some options) you save it up in less than 8 years and this doesn't count savings in other maintenance at all.

Basically you would get a d*mn good car for free with that use if you plan to use it for next 8 years. That's something to think about. You don't need to be rich to make it worth to buy Model S, if you can't afford it from your pocket change, take a loan. You can make the loan payments from saved gasoline costs.

Too bad Model S in Europe isn't quite that cheap...

This is why I want the next gen car and don't really care if it isn't quite as cheap as $30k if it is otherwise useful to me (Model S is just too big, Roadster is too small and costs too much). I will just plain save money with it in a long run.

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