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How much time do people spend on this site a day?

It is starting to feel like an obsession with me. I'm finding that I spend a couple of hours a day here reading all of the new information. Of late, I've been scrutinizing all of the fantastic pictures and videos people have been adding. I am loving that. I was just wondering if I should be concerned! This morning, I was up at 6am, and I rushed downstairs to turn on the computer; it is now 8:30. I did take time to make coffee!

My wife used to call herself a Computer Window, now she's apparently a Tesla Widow... So dramatic!!

Have you considered toothpick bridge-building?


Back in the late '70s when I got my first computer, my wife called it Connie and said it was the other woman. I told her that at least I wasn't bringing home any communicable diseases.

LOL@David, have we not heard of computer viruses? Of course that is only communicable from computer to computer but still, Connie was at risk! :)

I am also sucked in, but have a job. So far, the job is winning out...

I know some others who are also addicted, but don't post...

tooooo much

Not in the late '70s and early '80s. I think I kept that computer until after '85, but its only link to the internet was over slow modem. Hackers weren't as malicious in those days.

Ahhh, I don't know of those days, too young to play on a confuser back then! ;)

There were computer viruses early 80s, just the delivery method was not "internet" (mostly because that didn't exist as people now understand "internet"). They mostly spread using floppy boot sectors. Because of that getting infected was rather rare case.

I found about five years ago an old variant of "stoned" virus in one of the university computers. I didn't believe the virus scanner result, I thought that virus had been extinct for decades before that find. Faculty IT support guys archived that as fossil from computer stone ages.

Yeah, checkers used to be oriented towards scanning any floppy you inserted before you could copy/run it. It wasn't just boot sectors, though. File-sharing often passed along infected programs. I swear I was victim more often than transmitter! Honest!

How much time will you spend on this site after you receive your new car?

No where near as much as I'll spend in the car itself!!

That's probably the best chance of a cure for me! I will not be spending nearly as much time here once my car arrives and give my initial reports.

Aw, c'mon! Use voice recognition to log on and dictate postings.

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