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How often should I rotate tires?

I have a Model S 85. I have put in about 8000 miles in about 3.5 miles. How often should I rotate tires? Can I do it at any tire shop?

Every 6500 miles


Maintenance Service, including tire rotations, should be done at Tesla with the pre-paid fees but tire replacement is extra.

For your tire rotations, if you haven't prepaid your annual service plan and don't want to pay Tesla, you have an option to pay any tire shop but you need to make sure they follow your manual:

1) Disengage Active Air Suspension/ Disable the self leveling function even when you think the car is off. Property damage, human injury/death if instructions not followed.

2) Don't damage the battery pack. Use Lifting Points

3) Road wheel nut torque is 175 Nm (129 lbf.ft)

I thought that if you have 21" wheels, you ought to rotate your tires approximately every 4000-5000 miles (in normal driving of course). Am I right?

@ Bradslee,

21's are around 6K miles for rotation. I just had mine done at around 6200 miles. With the service plan, they will do this twice per year and the single checkup/services at 12.5K miles.


Thank you for confirming the rotation mileage.

I had our 19" tires rotated at 6500 and the service manager said that they now recommend 5000 miles. I asked how I should know that as it is not in the manual. He said, "Read the forums".

It is amazing what different information you get from where. I emailed my Tesla service center than they said every 6,000 miles. @shs said his/her service manager said every 6,500 miles. Too bad when even the service centers disagree. Even worse that the Owners Manual says nothing about rotating tires.

My guy said 5000 miles when I took it in at 6500, actually closer to 7000. Nice even tire wear though so no problem.

So you drove 8000 miles in about 3.5 miles. Hmm, so how many miles per mile is that? ;-D

How much do the SC's charge to rotate tires if you do not have pre-paid service?


My 21s were rotated at 4000 miles at the SC since it was in for other service and the rears were already down 2mm from the fronts. I have been trying to drive a little less spirited to see if I can squeeze some more life out of the Michelins.

Just called SC in Chicago and they say every 5000 - 6000 miles for SC. Just passed 5k so I set up my appointment.

Americas Tire did an excellent job on ours. You should rotate every 6K miles to make sure your getting the most out of our tires.

I would rotate on wear and not milage. This will keep you looking at the inside shoulder of the rear tires and thus give you a chance to react should there be a wear issue. You will learn within one set of tires what your particular car requires.

"Who ya gonna believe, the service manager or your lyin' eyes?"

The 1st rotation is free, even if you don't have the service plan. After, my service tech estimated 1 hr at the std $150/hr.

Thanks, @solarpowered


I just had mine rotated @ Tesla Service Center. They told me between 5 and 6K miles for tire rotation. That was a new internal Tesla bulletin.

Doh! I just passed 10k miles, and I still have rotated tires! I'll have to schedule that...

Rotate? Rotate? I'd love to rotate tires. How about NEW rear tires at 4500 miles?
How in h are you getting 8000 and 10000 miles? The most I've ever seen on a Tesla
in four years of driving them is 6000.

My very expert tire guy told me all the Roadsters (he serviced more than a dozen) were coming in for rear tires at around 5000 miles.

I rotate my tires approximately 840 times per mile.

I would appreciate your recommendations also include wheel size (19" or 21"). Thanks.

BTW, I got a non-specific service required message at about 6500 miles that I thought was probably the need to rotate tires, but the actual mileage was above 7000 by the time I got to a service center.


Hmmm. I'm trying to figure out why you get 840 rotations per mile, so I start churning:

First of all, I have 19" rims, on the standard P225/45s, so I start calculating. I come up with a side wall height of about 3.98", leading to a diameter of about 26.97" and therefore a circumference of about 84.73". That leads to 747 rotations per mile. So I obviously made a mistake.

So, I grind out the numbers for the P225/35 R21s, and I get 741 rotations. And again, I must have missed something.

So, I say to myself you must have some custom wheels, say maybe P225/45s mounted on some goofy looking 16" rims. Aha! 840 rotations, just like you said. Brilliance!

But then I realize that can't be it. Your ground clearance would be too low, so I'm back to the drawing board.

Then, inspiration hit me. I must have been wrong about the miles part. I now think you've modified your MS for over-water use, and you obviously meant nautical miles.

After some number crunching, I realize that you are, in fact, using the 19" rims, but you have over inflated your tires for additional buoyancy, increasing the side wall height to about 4.31".

I plugged in the numbers and voila! Exactly 840 rotations per nautical mile.

I would love to see pictures of your watercraft modified Tesla when you get a chance.

I waited too long on my last car and the rears wore too far down so the tire shop refused to rotate them to the front (only side-to-side). As a result I wound up replacing them prematurely. So now I do every 5,000 miles like clockwork. Some tire shops (America's Tire/Discount Tire) will rotate and balance for free! No need to take it to Tesla.

@mjs -- Hilarious!

So, 10,000. Which tires, 19 or 21?

I have 19" wheels.

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