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How red is the multicoat red?

I expect to finalize my order in the coming weeks (#1154, in Belgium), but I'm still not sure about which color to choose... I was pretty much settled on white as I like the contrast between the white body and the black pano, but my wife doesn't like it. She thinks that white is ambulance color (ambulances used to be that color in Belgium).

So I started to look into the other colors and progressively eliminated most of them (this is off course based on purely subjective criteria):

- grey and black: about 80% of the cars on the road are of those colors and I feel that my future S deserves a color that stands out. Also all of my previous cars have been of those colors.
- silver does not offer enough contrast with the chromes.
- brown is a nice color, but I see it more for an SUV. If I was to order a model X, I would most likely choose it to be brown.
- green: well that reminds of the metallic light green Ford Taurus that my parents had when I was a kid...

That leaves me with blue and multicoat red.

I will definitely go to a shop before making my final choice (hoping the shop in Brussels will open soon), but would already like to have opinions about the multicoat red. It is difficult to judge based on picture: it seems bright red on the picture of the services centers web page, but much darker in the design studio. It looks a bit pinkish on the pictures with the different cars on the grass.

So the question I address to those of you who already had the chance to see a multicoat red MS in reality: is this red close to a ferrari red? Or does it have slight shades of other colors?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

@anyone in europe who wants to see the mc red in person: next wednesday may 22nd a mc red is on show in luxenburg.

Look everyone! Nick is back! How we've missed your useless and typically short-lived posts...

...and then it was gone.

There is a multicoat red today at the Holiday Inn near Brussels airport. It´s a very nice color!!

@bernard - so, what did you decide?

I will go for the red! Thanks to all of you for your feedback.

Nice choice! You will get many compliments.

Any idea where a red model is visible in Europe in the next few days? Need to finalize my order, and I can't decide between red and black :-)

Take both, like me. Red with the black interior ;-)

The opposite is not available. ;p

I've seen about 30+ of these in red now (at the factory) and on the road driving around in fremont. They are absolutely gorgeous ... stunning really. Makes me wish red was available when I purchased mine. I guess I'll have to wait for tesla # 2 ... hehe.

Multi-coat red at home in Santa Cruz mountains (pics)

At factory (shade & sun):

In the wild (above the clouds):

lots of photos taken from 5DMarkII and customized to show as vivid colors.

I got mine(red) last friday. Its lighter than sig red.
I couldn't be more happier, its different, its awesome, go for it.

Photos don't show the real color, you really need to see it in person.

Just worked on one yesterday, and for a while I must say I thought white looked the best... but this red really does glow

I have a red multi coated and my friend a blue , we park side by side, nobody look at his car, everybody stop and look at the red one

My neighbor called my car "lipstick red", as in the lipstick you might choose to wear with stilettos and stockings. I can't say I disagree with that nomenclature.

It's flashy. But of all the colors I've seen, I think it is arguably the best color for accentuating the lines of the car. If there had been more colors to choose from, or I had been able to actually see more colors on the cars themselves, I might have chosen a different color. (I ordered back in Feb 2012 and changed colors in April of this year before I'd seen three or four colors from a distance and only 2 up close).

As it is, I love my S, but I do feel like I've put on that lipstick and stilettos when I go out. Not to disparage any self-respecting transvestites out there, but I'm not quite used to it yet. Gotta say, though, this "lipstick red" looks GOOD on me!

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