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How will having a Model S change your driving habits?

I was actually thinking about this after my visit to the Santana Row event and my cross country trip. I figure for my daily driving not much will change as I only have a 20 min commute so the electricity I burn going 75 MPH will easily be recovered every night. But on long trips I can definitely see my driving changing, especially because there will be a point where driving faster actually gets you there slower since you will have to recharge more often. I'm sure someone far better at math will be able to tell us what that tipping point will be. But I wonder does anyone else see their driving habits changing after they get their S?

Mhhh, would the same apply for Europeans that pick up the model s in the factory in California? Would like to drive around in the US and have it shipped to Europe for the same price :-)

Looks like the program may still be running to the US..

Nice. I didn't know BMW had such a service.

I'll probably take more day road trips given the cost of fuel will be so cheap.

I rent a car (for work) most days of the week, so unfortunately that won't change.

As for my few days at home, I'll be looking forward to coming home to my Model S Performance much more than I do now with my Prius.

Interesting thread! In terms of range, the 60kWh pack would make no difference to me. The 40kWh pack would require me to rent a car to visit relatives or do some serious hypermiling (which would be fun, but annoying to my fellow motorists). With the 40kWh pack, I would also opt for the aero rims and air suspension to max out highway efficiency.

The other changes are more emotional and/or convenient in nature, like smiling at the excellent styling; smiling when I get in each morning to a full charge; smiling as I pass every gas station for good; smiling that I'm not leaving any oil or gas drips in parking lots and streets; smiling that I'm not producing those fumes from a bunch of cars starting at once and idling in line to leave a parking garage; and just smiling for the overall efficiency, superior performance and general comfort a Tesla provides.

I would probably drive more often, as others have said, if for no other reason than pleasure, but that partially defeats the purpose. The ideal is to (a) use less energy, and (b) to use the energy from (a) in a more efficient manner. Oh, well. At least part (b) would be true, regardless. :)

Also looking forward to leaving the AC on as I run into a store or something... Or turning it on in advance as I walk to the car (smartphone app)

I have usually put 22K miles a year on my previous 4 vehicles living in the DFW metroplex where there is continuous development over 5 adjacent counties everywhere seems to be a local drive. Over the past 4 years with gas twice what it was for the other 4 vehicles I've cut back to 20K a year. In fact current car had 80K two days before the car turned 4 years old.

Not having to pay $65 to fill up each time I stop at a gas station I will probably go back to not worrying how much I'm driving. Plus I'm sure I will be struck by the cool factor of the Model S that at least the first year I'll look for reasons to get to be in the car. Just like 30 years ago when I got my license on my 15th birthday.

I'll probably have to take off from work a week or two or I'll never be able to get anything done.

I can hardly wait! Woohoo!

Tom A;
Just consider that since the electric is about 3X as efficient converting energy into kinetic motion, you're "saving" energy up to at least double your previous mileage.

I am planning on the pano roof. So for the last month(Chicago) I have been using my sun roof. I have opened it more this last month then I have in the last 6 years. I really like having the open air so the pano roof is 100% a done deal. Also been using Pandora from my phone in the car instead of local radio, can now listen to what I want instead of what is on, bring on the Internet radio stations on a 17" screen. P3594 can not come soon enough. TSLA needs to hit 55 for me to get the 80KWH.

Mhhh, would the same apply for Europeans that pick up the model s in the factory in California? Would like to drive around in the US and have it shipped to Europe for the same price :-) (steven.maes)

I'm with you on that one!

Sort of like a 2,000-mile pre-delivery test drive? :) Suggest having it shipped from NYC or Florida after you pick it up in CA!

Would the EU versions (esp. RH drive) be street-legal in the US?

(answer to topic)

Not at all, hopefully. That's sort of the point, isn't it? I don't ever drive more than 200 miles in a day, so nothing's going to change for me really, other than the fact that I'll have more time since I won't be using gas stations.

Friday morning we left New Smyrna Beach in Florida at 0700. 850+ miles later at 2345 we arrived in Hamilton, VA. Such a trip won't be possible (thank goodness) in my Model S. We were zombies last night and we spent today recovering. Next Fall when we drive south, it will be the blue roads in 250 mile bites and multiple nights in small motels. We look forward to seeing a different part of America.

So, how many tank and stomach fill-ups did you have along the way? \:)

Please invite me to pickup my Model S soon Tesla? :(

Daily commute more peaceful
Weekend drives more spirited (my motorcycle may suffer from neglect)
Annual cross country drive more planned & paced
Hopefully no performance awards from local speed traps

You mean cross some countryside once a year, or cross the whole thamn ding? :)

Brian H
Actually about 2/3rds -- Live in Colorado & visit family & friends on the East Coast (NC up to NY) every summer. Sometimes fly & rent. Sometimes on MC. Plan to do the trip in the S this June.

So you miss going over the mountains? Pity. I loved it every time I had to cross The Great Divide! ;)

I will be buzzing around faster because the utility company in my state has free charging until Jan 2015. It will cost me nothing to drive the car for 2 years.

Live in Denver-- I drive in & over the mountains frequently. There are a quite a few roads that I plan to do in my S once Spring arrives. I will also do a roadtrip to Moab. So many great roads.....However, I don't think I'll be retracing my roadtrip from Seattle to Alaska in my S. BC and the Yukon have plenty of bears but few gas or charging points.

I'll do Sunday drives again.

Wy wife and I each have our own cars which we hardly every swap. We'll now start taking the Tesla based on whoever has the most driving to do in a day. Whoever sticks closest to home gets the ICE. Longest drive gets the Tesla. Trying to save on gas.

So, you'll both be inventing excuses to run distant errands? ;)

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