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HPWC Install

Just want to let you know that the Solar City HPWC installers team let by Pete (Princeton) did a great job in installing the HPWC in our garage. They are professionals, very co-operative and did an excellent job.

I did not get the HPWC but I did just have my NEMA 14-50 installed today. It was a simple installation with a short run from my panel to the garage wall, and it cost me $250 from a local electrician, Marshall Electric. 973-941-5449

Dear Tesla Owners:
If you need the HPWC installed in Princeton NJ area, go with Solar City. The team from SolarCity - Pete Milewski, Jose, Javier Hurtado and A.J. Hogen did a fantastic job at my home. They are real professionals and were very cooperative, courteous and helped me get the job done without any problems.

They did a great job for me and I used them for my solar install too.

How much does Solar City charge for the HPWC installation?

They charged me $1150 for the install. They ran conduit from the basement to the garage and installed a 100 amp breaker.

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