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HPWC Install Location

I tried searching for the answer and can't see that this topic has been covered...

For those of you with the HPWC, if it is installed at the back of the garage (i.e. by the front of the car), how close to that front wall does the car need to be for the cord to reach all the way to the back? Does the car need to be right up against the front wall or can it sit several feet away from the wall and the cord will still reach? What's the maximum distance back from the wall that the car can be and have the cord still reach?

Many thanks!

Anybody installed the unit on the ceiling with an arm that swings to either side or front/back of a double garage?

Sounds like an elegant setup. Pix if you do it, or have already done it!

THere are some posts on Tesla Motors Club forum showing an install at the front of the garage and being able to reach the charge port. The HPWC cord is 25ft long so just keep that in mind as far as an install location.

This was from another forum post on charging cables:

Shows ceiling mount

I back into the garage so the rear wall mount of my HPWC is not an issue. If all else fails, that is an alternative.
(I have always backed in to the garage, so it wasn't done for the charger).


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