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Since Hyperloop is open source, is Tesla open to ideas from the public?

I have an idea I would like to share with those who work with motor design. I've watched a few videos on YouTube and believe my idea could lower the motor weight or increase torque. How would I go about providing this information?

Note: I have a background in electronics and don't have a patent on my idea. I'm not trying to sell anything, just get the idea to the right people.

You find him on Twitter where he asked for input.

@jrbver2008, your headline is somewhat misleading. It implies that the subject of your post is the hyperloop but you ask about the motor's weight and torque. You might be confusing the hyperloop with Tesla.

Tesla products are not open source.

I cannot find the reference now but I am pretty sure that either Elon Musk, George Blankenship, or one of the other executives stated that they cannot openly accept public input because of potential intellectual property issues. It might have been during the Q&A at the last shareholders meeting.

You sound like you have noble intentions but, actually, filing a patent might be the best way to ensure that you have ownership over your idea which would give you all the right to transfer it to Tesla without any reservation by either party.

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