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I cannot quite believe that I just ordered a car costing €110.000!!!

More than twice the cost of the current one...

But I've never been so excited about a car in my life and it's not just the car itself, it's also about being part of a grass-roots movement, a belief that things CAN be different, can be better.

It's going to be a long wait to April...

Some things are worth the money. The Model S is one of those things.

You will not regret it. Congratulations.

I know exactly how you feel, Lycanthrope. I ordered my S85 two weeks ago, and I am going CRAZY waiting for it. It's almost 3x what I paid for my last car(!) but I absolutely believe that we are the front wave of a revolution. Congrats on taking the plunge!

I as in the same position--my MS cost twice my current car. Four months and 11K miles later, I can tell you its totally worth it. Congrats!


current > previous

"Le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point."

Welcome to the club! Probably one of the best things you'll ever do, seriously.

Totally felt the exact same way! Especially as I just walked over to the shopping mall and ordered it over my lunch break.

Walking back I thought, "wow did I really just spend that much money over lunch?!"

3 months and 5000 miles later I have no regrets! Best car ever and a genuine source of pride!

Congrats. What options did you take

I felt that way as well, but after you drive it once, you won't regret it. Congrats!!!

Over our 20 years of marriage, my husband and I have lived a pretty frugal life. Not that we had to, but we were content with what we had. We've never had smart phones, cable TV, or monthly Netflix type service. We still watch a projection TV, brown bag our lunches for work and the kids' school, and shop at Target and Walmart. But WHAM! The Model S came out, and we were blindsided. Forget about being frugal. The Model S screamed DREAM CAR!. We put in a reservation before Christmas last year and got it in March. We've been extremely happy with the car.

I've test driven three times now, but today went for a more in-depth experience on many road types - I even drove the car to my house and parked it on my drive, which as fun. I had the rear fish-tailing, power-steering off a junction, destroying fancy BMW's and Audi's on the motorway and some devastating overtaking moves too.

So I've a pretty good idea what it's going to be like. It's going to be freaking awesome!

In a last-minute decision I added the rear-facing seats as the kids, ergo their friends, fit with some room to grow, and I dropped the extended leather trim.

I'm wondering about the pano as I quite like it without, but think I prefer it with...

Here's the spec:

19" Wheels
85 kWh Performance Model S
Alcantara Headliner
Black Brake Calipers
Black Nappa Leather Seats
Brown Metallic Paint
Carbon Fiber Décor
Carbon Fiber Spoiler
Panoramic Roof
Parking Sensors
Premium Interior Lighting
Rear Facing Seats
Smart Air Suspension
Subzero Weather Package
Supercharger Enabled
Tech Package
Ultra High Fidelity Sound

I was in the same mind set. My last car a bare bones honda accord that I spent 17k on and it had 185k miles on it. Frugal? I the think so. I am fortunate enough to be able to afford the model s. I was however still not comfortable spending that much on a car. I was pretty much set on a leaf but then my work location moved from a 50 mile round trip to a 75 mile round trip. Crap. I had to get the model s. 11 months ans 20k miles later, this is one of the best decisions in my life. No regrets and I will never buy ice for me again. Oh and I bought in at 35 a share :-)
My wife will be getting the gen 3 in 2017.


I think that the Model S appeals to the spendthrift in all of us. I might be making a leap here, but I think that when Elon Musk talks about sustainable transport, longevity and durability is a part of that equation. The car is over-engineered and, so far, my car has been completely future-proofed. Aluminum isn't as vulnerable to corrosion from harsh environments as steel is. It is expensive to repair but, without incident, it lasts a good long time.

I've always bought the best cars that I can find that have the potential to stand up to the test of time. That is why it took me so long to find a new car and ended up with the Model S. I would say that the average length of time that I have had a car is well over a decade. Fortunately, I picked cars that had good resale value over a long period of time, timeless styling, the greatest in current technology and ones that were sturdily built.

I think that you will be very happy with your investment in the future for a long time to come.

Spent five times as much on my P85+ as any other car I´ve ever bought. Getting it sometime before christmas, can hardly wait. Until then I´m stuck with my work car, a 90 bhp Peugeot Van. The Tesla is gonna be one hell of an upgrade

spend 100K is not the worse part, what is horrible is that you want another one is like a freaking addiction :/

and you will think the car is a steal at that price (once you have it)...sounds crazy now --- but true. Congratulations!

That's a nice car you just ordered! Suggest you lay off the fish-tailing when kids are in the back.

I am expecting the S60 to be over 12X what my current car (which I have had for 10 years) cost me. I justify it to myself reasoning that I am making a statement about sustainable transport with it. I would like the P85 but still haven't found a way to justify it to myself.

It is refreshing to read that I'm not the only one thinking and feeling "Holy shit. I'm spending as much on a car as the average house price in the US." The MS is twice as much as the most expensive car I ever bought (loaded Volvo XC60) and three times as much has my current new car (Prius V).

It is very hard to justify the cost of a luxury car and even harder to imagine how I can admit to anyone how much I will have spent. I can try to explain the environmental advantages but when it comes down to it, $100k is $100k. Doesn't matter if I will never have to buy gas again. It's a crap load of money.

No offense, but why didn't you just order the inventory car at 1/2 the price? May have had 5k miles on it, but would have saved you 50,000 euros and you could have it before Christmas?

Same here. But after getting it in October I can't imagine my life without it.

@SMinnihan - I'm not at all aware that almost new , fully loaded P85's can be had for €60k. Are you sure about that?

@Jeyado - the fish-tailing was after we dropped the wife and kids home. I'm not saying I wouldn't do that with them in the car from time to time, but I need to know the car better before I would do it.

Might sound odd coming from someone who's just ordered such a rapid car, but I tend to drive quite sedately - I haven't had a speeding ticket in about 8 years now :)

I wouldn't call myself thrifty, quite the opposite, but as I can put the car through my company it becomes a very tax efficient expense.

I've no problem to tell people the price of the car, but I first brief them on the facts that the net cost works out the same as my current Volvo (thanks to fuel and tax savings).

On this basis, who wouldn't want to own a supercar in sedan clothing?


Order Confirmed
We have begun sourcing parts for your Model S.


Congratulations! That was quick, wasn't it? Did you get a delivery date estimate? (Kind of teetering over the decision myself:)

April... Still, gives me time to shift the Volvo :)

Ditto. Congrats and welcome! It's worth it!!

I was in the same boat: spend over three times my current car (and any car I've owned for that matter). I was just curious about the Tesla and decided to go for a test drive. It literally consumed me 24/7 for the next three weeks until my wife said "Just order the freaking car!!"
3 months later and 4200 miles I am still grinning. And still obsessed...
Congrats and welcome to the party.

OhmMFG, tell me about it, the OBSESSION.

The forums, the Design Centre, YouTube videos, news items on Tesla, the Supercharger map (I check that several times per day - WHY??)

I don't think it's going to stop either, now I can focus on trying to decipher the different charging methods and whether I need to install something special at home...

Bloody hell! :)

You have so much to look forward to and you will find some understanding here. It has only just begun.

And the ever popular:

You will find many other resources here. No confirmation that any will help though. ;-)

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