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I just confirmed my P85, for how long can I change my delivery date?

I just confirmed, and have set delivery for December. It looks like my drop down for month is still available. Does anyone know how long I'll have to change it if I want to?

Probably until you have a VIN and/or a delivery window with dates. I can still edit mine in the "Order Confirmed" phase.

Does anyone know if there's a specific hard number here, or if it just switches over at some point?

Your delivery specialist should contact you soon to discuss various items including an exact pickup date. The dropdown box on the website is not accurate. I was able to take delivery 3 weeks after hitting the confirm button on the web.

21 days to 1 month. The P85s are delivered the fastest. 2 months for 85s and 3 months for 60s.

I was told until they actually start the order on the line at the factory I could move the date. They just won't let me move it past 12 months and keep the old pricing.

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