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I regret not getting air suspension and I wish performance seats were an option then...

I had a reservation for a 40... which now that its not being made, i'm glad i got the 60...

i knew if i got the 85, i would get the p - just because at that point, what's $10K....

I just drove the P85 and its scary fast, vs. 60 which isn't scary at all, but still a killer daily driver.

Several things I regret not getting (one wasn't an option):

1. air suspension , mutes the drive, but nice on rough roads.
2. performance seat, its about 1.5" thicker and MUCH softer.

So if $ is an issue, get a 60 with those options.

Who cares about options? You are in for a life changing experience ( at least I am ).

Do you need performance seats, or just leather for the 1.5" thicker and softer feel?
I noticed a difference from standard to leather, but not from leather to performance; however I wasn't paying much attention to the leather vs. performance leather seats.

Get custom fit seat covers from will pretty much satisfy your need for performance seats ... unfortunately i have no suggestions for the air suspension.

I found the seats in the P+ to be less comfortable than my 60, so it's not a given than you won't like the ones you ordered.

A fully loaded 85 is at least $5k less than a starter P85, that's what I did, so you still get the wow effect without the OMG with your ride. That, if you ask me is the difference between a fully loaded 85 and a started P85 plus the savings! P85 guys may disagree.
Now I can't say the same about the 60 vs 85 especially because of the range (distance/charge) difference.

I have the Signature P85 and used a P85+ as a loaner.

I thought that the seats in the P85+ were more comfortable due to more cushioning on the seat.

I assumed that they added a bit more cushioning to the seats after some feedback about the original version of the seats being a bit firm.

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