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I used to think Tesla owners were a little crazy

When they complained about driving an ICE car again, or going to a gas station, and smelling fumes, etc. I mean, come on, we've been doing it for years and never thought twice about it! Well, put me in a straight jacket because I've become a nut too. I had to drive my Jeep to the gas station to fill the tank for our motor home trip to Glacier. (We need to pull the jeep behind the coach). I was disgusted by the fueling process. The ground was dirty. The gasoline fumes smelled awful! I was standing there for 10 minutes next to my car, looking around at the other fools also standing around, waiting for their tanks to fill. It took one whole month for me to become a holier than thou EV driver! If I didn't need the Jeep for camping trips, I would drive it off a cliff because selling it would take too long to get rid of it! Damn you Elon...! :)

Cant tow the model S behind the van?

No. I'm not aware of a single EV that can be towed with 4 wheels on the ground. I was really hoping the model X would be towable, but apparently that can not either. :(

Better solution...tow coach with 416hp P85 :-)

We are crazy. Like a fox.

Or ...

What's really happening is that you are realizing just how crazy you used to be for putting up with that stuff.

Just wait until you drive step into an ICE for the first time after 6 months. It was an absolute riot watching my spouse at the gas station for the first time in half a year. It wasn't just the fumes, smells, dirt and oil that were an issue.

He pulls up to the pump, pushes the button on the stem to put it in park, and starts to open the door...
This results in windshield wiper fluid getting sprayed all over the buggy windshield and the car rolling forward.
The lightbulb goes off, he closes the door he then uses the transmission on the floor to put it in park. All good...

Then he hops out of the car...and leaving the engine running. I reminded him that he needed to turn these cars off, especially at gas stations. He got back in and turned off the ignition. He gets out again to open the door to the gas cap and finds that he needs to get back in the car, and take the keys out of the ignition to unlock the door to access the gas cap, or, find a very well hidden latch. I had tears streaming out my eyes because I was laughing so hard by that point. He decided to use the key instead of going on a treasure hunt for a gas door latch.

He finally got the gas pump going. All was well, we're ready to go!
He buckled in, put his foot on the brake and the car didn't start. I was just about heaving when he undid the seatbelt so that he could dig the keys out of his pocket. The look on his face expressed bemused exasperation.

I wish I had a video of it.

How soon we forget ...

@Brian H
Forget what?


Forget how to pump gas at a station. Because the OP's husband forgot to put the car in park, and shut it off, and pull the gas cap lever etc...


Great story! :-)


I can't tell if you were being sarcastic in response to Bighorn's sarcasm....:-)

Didn't realize it was sarcasm haha. I thought Bighorn was being serious. Sometimes it's hard to decipher sarcasm in a typed post. :)

My original plan was to drive the Jeep most of the winter, and possibly pass on snow tires for the MS. I can tell already that the Jeep will only be used for real snow days, and when the fuel runs low, I'll just have to make the wife go fill it....

Bighorn == sarcasm on a regular basis
well thought out very dry sarcasm :)

This forum needs a sarcasm font! Rod and Barbara?

Thanks, lola, and major congrats on the P+--hope to have mine within the week!

A little crazy? LOL

Bighorn forgot what he was forgetting. If you don't get it, forget it.

I wonder how people would feel if their iPhone, electric shaver, electric tooth brush... all run on some kind of liquid for which you have to take those devices to station to get them filled after every few hours of use.

I drove up next to a Maserati the other day. Nothing like the sound of a Maserati engine. But now, it just seems wrong. Primitive. Inefficient. Unnecessary. Obnoxious?

Once you've seen the light, you can't go back.

@carlk - Didn't Nissan make a commercial like that a couple years ago? I thought it was brilliant!


I pulled up next to an Aston Martin Vanquish in NYC last Friday evening. It had an eerie likeness to MS. The Vanquish looks like a 2 doors coupe version of the MS with extra noise and obnoxiousness.

Oh yeah, it couldn't keep up with my MS60 weaving in and out of NYC traffic. I could hardly hear that loud rumbling dinosaur behind me...

Now paying over a quarter of a million for a coupe? That's what I call crazy.

The Aston Martin vanquished in the dark, never to be seen again...

I drove up next to a Maserati the other day. Nothing like the sound of a Maserati engine. But now, it just seems wrong. Primitive. Inefficient. Unnecessary. Obnoxious?

It's just so last millennium. :D

I look at the cars that surround me on the road every day and I think, poor people, living in the past like that.

Don't shoot me, but the Aston Martin is one of the very few cars that I still get jealous of! It really is a work of art, even with the gas engine.

That said, all the other cars I used to lust after I now see on the road and chuckle quietly to myself. My "bottom of the line" (almost) MS60 is nearly as fast as all of them, silent, cheaper to operate, better for the environment, and is just way cooler with it's 17" screen. I feel snooty when I think to myself, "how do all of these other people not realize their mistake??"

I'd swap my Model S for a McLaren MP4-12C or better yet a McLaren F1 - as long as I didn't have to pay the price difference. Other than that, meh.

@goneskiian - thanks for that YouTube link! That is a brilliant commercial.. never seen it before, but it's an argument I use for EV nay-sayers who apparently love gasoline... "Yeah, EVERYTHING should run on gas! Microwaves, refrigerators, computers, etc." Nissan hit a home run with that ad!

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