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I want that X steering wheel!

Thanks Volker! Looking forward to your full report - much appreciated.

@Volker.Berlin tactile, physical controls

Sounds good. As cool as touchpads would be, I want to feel the controls. That way I never need to look at them and after just short period of driving using them becomes muscle memory and you don't need to think using them. (a bit like walking: you don't need to look at your legs to walk).

I love having tactile controls on the steering wheel. I never have to look away from the road to tweak the volume or cruise control functions.

However, I'd be disappointed if the R-N-D selector stayed on the stalk. It just seems like a missed opportunity to do something cool for the shift selector. It doesn't need to be attached to the wheel, because once you're backed out of your drive or parking slot and are on your way, you don't use it again until you're done. That's not a vote for moving it to the touch screen, though.

Very happy about this news re thumb-wheels and a few buttons. The thumb-wheels on my Audi are far simpler to use than the separate up/down buttons on my BMW. The addition of a couple of buttons on either side provides good flexibility.

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