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Ideas for *that* center space

We're back to arguing over whether or not a center console is a good idea or required or whatever. Let's try to take all this energy in a positive direction -- describe the perfect center space for your needs. If you like, defend why your design overview is the best.

I've been looking at all the things I won't need to haul around anymore and it turns out my in-car storage desires are pretty minimal: place for wallet (I don't like sitting on it), place for phone/accessory charging, place for change purse, place for drink (like to have something at hand for longer trips). And maybe a place for backpack but I'm fine with it in passenger seat or in trunk or behind driver seat if I have a passenger.

So here's my design:
Appears about 5" across at bottom, could be a little wider at top, I'd prefer something about same height as the seats at the top, so 8" to the top. 8" depth is a very deep compared to other cars.

Towards front, space for misc accessories that plug into the USB ports I presume are under the screen. A cubby tray at top for that stuff, maybe 3" depth. Under it is another 4" of space you can tuck away under it because the next section is full depth for most of the length to the armrest.

That long center section is where I'd have removable trays/options. One example is a removable drink tray that snaps into place -- removable so can easily clean out the crud that tends to accumulate. Another includes change rows for parking meters plus generic cubby trays would be fine too. Or a hybrid that does both. I envision having a tray for everyday use and one for longer trips, since the items needed can change for different trips.

Can have a rolltop with the storage for it in the empty space under the accessory tray for near the armrest. Under these tray things you could put the rarely used items; umbrella, maps, w/e. Or could bypass the tray option and simply put a purse or w/e there. I carry a backpack routinely so maybe I'd squeeze it into that large middle space rather than put on the passenger side seat like I do now.

As you can tell, I'd like accessory trays for things I'd plug into USB. This is something I'd make an item for, and it would likely be functional but not beautiful, if the car doesn't come with or quickly get a console.

What do you all think should be there, if anything? If you'd rather have nothing there, why do you think that's the optimal solution? If you'd like something there, please describe it (drawings not required) and how it would be an improvement over the relatively empty space.

Anyone notice the cubby just below the touch screen. That'll be enough for me and what little I store or carry in my car...iphone, house keys, a pen maybe and some loose change.

Yes that cubbie under the display really would be enough for a lot of people, myself included. I hope it is standard issue and not an extra option. Can anyone see if that cubbie has a cover to hide your stuff? And did people notice the rear seat cup holders briefly on the Gigaom video? I wonder where they are, how they did it?

MotorTrend has a shot of the final interior, which shows the storage shelf under the monitor and the center open storage area, which appears to be finished in the trim material, at least for this Signature with obeche wood.

NK: sweet, I think that's the exact Model S I just took a test-drive in. I can confirm the center floor is finished with obeche wood, and that there is "non slip" material on the wood to help keep things in place.

I like the cubbie hold a lot, but would like to see a little more on the floor.

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