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If Howard Clark justified the cost.. it's gotta be worth it.

Of course, he bought a 40kWh model, but still. To have a guy buy one who makes his living advising people how to spend wisely--this is a great sign.

Quite a few people follow Clark Howard, a well-regarded financial advisor known for his down to earth and savvy money management skills. If he blesses the car, quite a few people will look into it including military personnel who he frequently spotlights.

Love it, hope Clark got some stock as well.

Well, his a big part of his justification was that he was a nut about energy independence. I think he basically admitted that this wasn't the normal scenario.

I personally justified my 40kWh with about $10K worth of "coolness factor" thrown in. Otherwise, the numbers would not have added up.

And a good segment on HLN to back up his love of the car. Very positive, as long as you overlook the part where he calls it a "toy right now."

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