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"Impossible Options"

Options and pricing are up on the website:

What is your personal single most important omission in the options? Please avoid debating prices here. Rather, focus on options or combinations thereof that are not available at any price. Name only one (if you can)!

OSD on-screen display possibly with infrared detection just like in the BMW i8 EV that was shown in the new Mission Impossible movie.

Blue leather. So sharp with a silver car and not as boring as black.

Satellite Radio through the head set without upgrading to BOTH the upgraded stereo AND the Pano roof--impossible and ridiculous.

1. A neutral color microfiber interior standard option.
2. More exterior colors besides black and white standard.

What's the actual technical explanation for the linking of the Sat Radio and pano roof?

I'm guessing the link is because the pano roof has an embedded antenna that is not easily done with the aluminum roof.

My hypothesis is that they couldn't come up with a location to place a shark fin antenna since the whole roof of the hatch is made of glass and there would be too many instances of the satellite being blocked with a window or dash install. The roof would block the signal when going in a particular direction or up/down hills etc.

So the only option left was to install the antenna in the pano roof.

Of course if the pano roof wasn't being selected, they could go with the shark fin but perhaps it complicated the assembly line too much.

Mycroft - It seems like there must be a good reason. Your hypothesis seems plausible.

They have some pretty clever engineers at Tesla. Perhaps one of them will come up with a solution between now and full scale production.

I really wanted the pano roof, but was willing to let it go if it was too pricey or let in too much light or heat. But no XM radio is a non-starter for me. Happily, the price seems reasonable to me and now it includes a shade. I probably won't need the shade at all when I'm near Seattle. ;D

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