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Inconsistencies in Planned Supercharger Map

On the supercharger page the description of the supercharger locations is inconsistent with the map. By Winter 2013 we are supposed to be able to travel via I-80 coast to coast. The map doesn't look like it picks up I-80 after Folsom until somewhere around Gary, IN. Am I missing something? I would love to be able to travel from the Bay Area to Denver without looping down through Las Vegas...doesn't look like that will be a possibility until end of 2014.

Today – 8 stations
Summer 2013 – 27 stations
Fall 2013 – Most metropolitan areas
Winter 2013 – Coast-to-coast travel via I-80
2014 – 80% of the US and Canada
2015 – 98% of the US and Canada"

The Brea Mall Tesla Store charging area has four NEMA 14-50 plus two HPWC. It is great to have the additional outlets to help both Roadster and Model S owners who need a charge if the test drive vehicles are using the HPWC charge stations.

Hopefully the economical NEMA 14-50 and/or HPWC will be added next to SuperCharger locations where some like to park for hours and shop, ie: Gilroy.

@AmpedRealtor - Blink Chargers are also available at Anthem outlet mall.

I for one am waiting on SC deployment along I-70 from Denver to St. Louis. I travel a lot for work, in addition to play time travel, and it's always along I-70. My future Tesla purchase is dependent on it. I would probably average about 1 SC fill up per week, without which even an 85 kWh Tesla would be insufficient. To get buy regularly without superchargers, I would probably need a 100 to 120 kWh battery.

@ stevenmaifert - thank you for that link! :)

Time to buy shares in Mt. Rushmore!

@AmpedRealtor Jim Cramer is the biggest idiot in the financial news media. He advised everyone to buy tech in early 2000, pushe mortgage backed securities in early 2008, and has generally been wrong about more really big issues than anyone I've ever seen.

I consider it a good sign for Tesla if he thinks it's going to fail. It's like making it a policy to turn Left whenever your wife tells you to turn Right. Depending on the wife, odds are you'll get there more reliably.

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