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Indicator/Turning signal lever

This may sound extremely trivial but, here in Australia ALL the vehicles ive owned have had the indicator stalk on the right hand side closest to the drivers window, and naturaly it becomes second nature after years and years of driving with the stalk on that side that you get used to it, ( i enjoy driving with my right elbow on the right door card and driving with just one hand, while i sort of lean on the centre console with my left elbow, this alows me to, for instance; cruise the highway and change lanes and indicate with my right arm only - comforatbly), then you jump in a european car and because it was originaly desinged as as a left hand drive vehicle but basically ended up as a right hand drive car with a european, left hand drive steering columb assy, and you hit the wipers and look like a twit! where im going with this is, im pretty sure tesla is going to do this with our aussie version, and im not real fussed on it, on the other hand tesla might, maybe tool up a different combo switch (reversed us version) for australia and japan (as they too mostly manufacture vehicles with this layout) im dead set so against the us/euro layout im gonna have to get my tesla modded if it does get released here in jap layout. for me its like jumping in an excavator and finding out the controls are setup to drive like a bachoe (anyone here familiar with earth moving will know what im getting at) anyone got any inside info on the soon to be released asian versions combination switch layout/format?

typo, should read *doesnt get released here in jap layout*

can an american please confirm that a toyota camry u.s version has combo switch with turn signal on left hand side of steering columb? because our 2008 camry has it on the right (aussie/jap version), and im thinking if toyota can retool combo switches for different zones, then tesla can/should retool theirs for our zone - indicator stalk should always be closest to drivers side window glass IMHO

How are most Mercedes models down there? Do they have right hand drive set ups to your liking?

I only ask because it is a Mercedes parts bin steering wheel/turn signal/cruise control/"gear" shift that Tesla uses in the Model S. In other words if Mercedes has a right hand drive version I would think Tesla would use it for you folks. I can see this as a detail they would pride themselves on getting "right". Pun intended.


goneskiian, im not too sure, i knew Tesla sourced thier drivers side master control switch for the windows from Mercedes, but i didnt know they also took the indicator stalks from thier bin aswell, but now you mention it, it does ring a bell that something to do with the wiper assy for the early beta vehicles was from Merc. Yeah, as i said before, its a small detail, and is by no means a deal breaker for me, in fact some people will be used to the euro layout having owned euro cars perviously i guess, but for me, my preference is indicator stalk closest to drivers side window. Also i wonder if Tesla has thought to put the menu button (i think its the button to go back a screen from memory - but i could be wrong) that is in the lower left hand corner of the 17 inch touch screen so its closest to the driver, onto the right hand lower side for right hand drive models? (this would be just a simple software mod)


Yeah - the indicators, cruise control and gear stick is from the current E class Merc (or older R Class).
Good - I'm used to that. No car I've owned in OZ had the indicators on the right.

I've only used a couple of cars in Australia with the indicators on the wrong side.
(correct = door side).

My father's old Mercedes (20 years back?) was fine. Toyotas and Lexus's of various types all good. Mainly (only?) American cars that I've driven haven't bothered with fixing the indicators.

Tesla also has the indicators on the wrong side unfortunately.

There are 3 reasons for having the indicators positioned on the correct side
1) with old Manual cars, you wanted to be able to flick the indicator and change gears at the same time fairly frequently. Using the same hand didn't work
2) I think when using one hand, it's more comfortable for that to be the hand near the door. It can lean on the handle, and also frees your other hand to turn up the music volume (etc).
3) consistency across cars. Changing cars with different habitual methods of driving is not good for safety etc.

Nothing insurmountable, but it's a pity they're on the wrong side.

I know some people will disagree at it being important, so I'd ask those people if their car had the blinkers on the other side how they'd feel about it. Though to be honest in THEORY it's not so bad, it's when you actually go to turn and you have to flick the fingers on the other hand that you realise it's a pain.

grega: Good points about signal switchgear. But... What about the pedals?

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