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Indirect High Pressure Sales - Why Tesla gives customers only 30 days to decide on the 4-year Service Warranty? Be more like BMW

It sure feels like high pressure sales from Tesla when customers are allowed only 30 days to decide whether to purchase the 4-year discounted Service Warranty... that first 30 days flew by quickly and i wonder whether i will regret for not getting the discounted Service Warranty... Tesla should offer at least 90 days or even up to the first year for customers to decided whether they should get the discounted Service Warranty or the Extended Service Warranty... Better yet, be confident like BMW and offer 100% bumper-to-bumper worry free warranty for the first 4 years of ownership to their customer!

Did we find another hair in the soup ? BMW are fine cars... go for it.

Really guys - it get's boring. Read the conditions and decide what is best for and stop whining.

That was uncalled for. If it was any other company, customer concerns were not a problem then?

@Kleist - yes i did trade in my BMW-X5 only because i couldn't wait for the Model X... i was just sharing my thoughts because the new ownership experience did make a significant difference in terms of not having a total peace of mind after purchasing a brand vehicle as compared to having a complete peace of mind that another manufacturer offers... it wasn't a direct criticism on Tesla's sales policy, but i'm willing to bet a pretty dollar that many Tesla customers would like a bit more time to make the service warranty purchase decision.

There is no "free" warrantee. It's "included".

Just like there are no 0% car loans. The interest is prepaid. A company gets at least market ROI or dies. Law of real-world economics.

Offer cash and bargain hard. That's the real price. The rest is interest.

@mikefa - sitting at home reading the terms and conditions on line, printing it out and sit on your patio with a coup of coffee and read it again, sleep over it a couple of times and do it for more the 30 days ( the process starts way before the timer starts )... how can that process be even remotely described as "indirect high pressure sales"?

Or - base price + options + service plans + delivery charge + taxes + ... equals COST OR CAR

If cost of car is OK then hit the purchase button. Simple now it is included like at BMW.

Well I guess this isn't a dealer troll. Dealers think that have gone easy on you if they allow you 30 seconds on the sales lot before they press-gang you.

Seriously.... Kleist +1. I thought I didnt' want the service agreement, but I happened to look at it again when the website was revamped and thought what the heck, might as well. Oooh - they really pressured me into that one.

Some clarifications.
Extended Service Warranty (year 5 - 8) can be purchased
"within 30 days of your warranty’s expiration" - that's expiration!
So you have almost 4 years to decide. Though the price can go up over time.

Do you mean the Service Plans (4-year plans)?
Login to your My Tesla account, click View Profile > Services Sign Up

I still have options to upgrade my service plan well after the 30 days. Maybe you can still buy service plan, too

I'm bumming out because the legal details have not been ironed out in my state for the Extended Warranty and it is not available to me yet. Supposedly we will be offered one once the details have been taken care of, but the price has since gone up.

Aren't Early Days fun?

As a matter of fact, yes they are!

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