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Looking to get insurance on my new S+ ... any happiness stories to share?

AAA Sucks, would not insure the S after they said they would. We switched to Geico. Still waiting on the money that AAA owes us for canceling 6 weeks ago.

USAA was pretty painless - quoted me approx an extra $200 per six months. Any increases will be dwarfed in a couple of months when I add my 16 yo to the policy.


Just got a quote from Wawanesa Insurance ( San Diego )

100/300 $500 deductible uninsured motorist

$638 per year....

I suspect that I can't beat that offer....or can I???

AAA would not insure my Model S when I checked before I got the car they said it was too expensive a car. State Farm would and was the cheapest I found. When I was taking delivery I called AAA and they are now insuring Teslas and were less expensive than State Farm.

GEICO offers very good rates on the Tesla.

USAA rates were virtually identical to my 3 yr old e350.

Odd...CSAA (AAA) insured my Model S without hesitation. FWIW I have been with them for over 20 years. My rate is actually no more $$ than my 5 year old Lexus GS450h, and it beat USAA by 10%., you got 100/300 $500 deductible uninsured motorist for ONLY $638 per year??... you must have a squeaky clean driving record with no speeding tickets!... BUT no for long now that you drive a Model S!

I found my best rate with Geico. $1450 per year for two cars: 2009 Nissan Altima, and the Tesla (MS 60). I'm guessing the Tesla makes up about $900 of that.

$638 per year with those coverage levels/deductible in CA? No, I don't think you'll find better. Seems so low it's an error of some kind to be honest (6 mo term or maybe someone fat-fingered the car make/model). With a completely clean record, long driving history, excellent credit rating and no history of claims, I paid $600 per 6 months in CA with a $1000 deductible. Hope you took the offer and it was accurate.

I managed to get an excellent deal with Travelers (I already have a Camry and home insurance through them) and squeaked out with a $441/yr increase by adding the Model S in TN. That's about $800/yr less than anyone else I checked (State Farm, GEICO, Progressive).

Even within the same company in the same locale, seems like the actuaries are "winging it".

Thanks for the feed back all. Much appreciated.

Wawanesa has a reputation for being much more reasonable than the nationals.... I have been with them since 1987. They do no marketing that I have ever seen and are pretty selective on who they insure. I am going with their offer no doubt!

Its an annual - no errors. I earn a multi-car; good driver; Persistency Discount.


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