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Relative to gas, do the math for 85kw

I so agree with Got Amped. Why do we keep judging the car on it's ability to perform long distance drives. I have had my car for 1500 miles, which included a few 100 mile trips and I have no complaints. I feel like the media has to find the "catch" with the product, and often have lost sight of it's amazing accomplishments. This video is favorable, but once again it's focus, its purpose is to expose it's "weakness".

@Got Amped - LOL!

Ok good. I thought you actually meant it literally. :)

This is also what bugs me about all those long charging times complaints...

"95% of the time, Tesla Model S owners drive less than 40 miles a day"

So for me e.g..
15,000 miles per year. equals about 68 tank-stops per year.
Taking about 4 minutes each, so spending about 5 hours and 40 minutes in (disgusting) gas stations.

Compared to maybe 2 longer distance (than my normal expected overnight charging) trips.
Spending 1 hour at a supercharger per trip might sound way too long (and obviously shorter is better in this case) but the way I look at it I'm spending way less time (3h40m) waiting for the car to be 'energized' with Electric than with Gas.

Jeroens +1. Didn't think of it this way. Elon should definately use this point...


I agree with your overall approach to time savings. I built a small spreadsheet a while back just to see the deltas between the two approaches. It is pretty cool to think of it that way. I personally don't plan on taking long trips with my S because I have an ICE for those.

Anyone ever get panhandled at gas stations by alchies looking for a handout while filling up their old ICE? Being able to avoid those encounters is a big plus especially if my fam is with me.

I here you on the typical daily driving range being small, but it misses this car's point for many owners. Four out of five days, range is no issue for me. But the key to these cars isn't the everyday use. If that is the standard, buy a Leaf. The key for many owners is the 5th day (in my case), or for some, a dozen trips per year. It is easy to say "rent a car" for these exceptions, but that isn't the point. The game changing element of the Model S is three things: 1) power/luxury, 2) range, and 3) charging speed.

Because the game changing elements are how TM leads its public relations/marketing and media efforts, that is what gets tested and reviewed. Saying that this isn't how people use their cars every day is just dumb. No one drives any car at 9/10ths on a daily basis, but they do often buy the car for its ability to perform that last 1/10th every once in a while.

Sorry "hear you"

Yes, only 1-5% of trips may be "road trips", but Transport stats say that totals ~30% of the miles. It's "peak demand"; sort of like how generation capacity has to be built: you provide for expected maximums.

IOW, a world with built-out Supercharging is a much more interesting world (for Model S owners).

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