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Inverter harness malfunction

I was driving today when the car suddenly lurched forward and the service needed alert came on. It kind of freaked me out. This occurred 3 times total today so far and the tesla service rep said they will look into it and get back to me.
It occurred at slow speeds, less than 20mph, I think during regenerative braking so my guess is that the regenerative brake failed causing the car to jerk forward. Has anyone else experienced this?

just found out that it was not the regenerative brake failure but a malfunction of the inverter harness. anyone have any idea what that means and what the long term implications are to my car if any?

Yes, there are other threads, some may be private. Use to search for them.

Obviously you can't search the private threads, but you may find some public ones.

I don't see any posts related to the issue on volkerize or tmc. What was the final verdict? The service center just sent me an email that I need to bring the car in based on their review of my driving log. Is it a quick fix?

@kijin7117.........I have not come across of this issue before in the forums. But if it's regen issue I am sure there is some known fix for it....this is technology is used widely in almost all new EV cars this days. It's a proven technology which should have a lasting fix..

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