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Invitation to Configure

For those of you keeping track, I got my email today.

Res# RN318184



This happened a little quicker than I thought.

They can deliver it anywhere


It sounds like you have not test driven a Tesla S. I feel that you should be comfortable with your purchase...

Hitting another snag. My apartment complex won't install any outlets in the multi-level garage where I was planning to park. I may have to break my lease if I want this car. If I finalize now sounds like I get car in March eh? Things are getting very interesting...

Received 01/22/13
Reserved 12/17/12

received the car or an email?

They use these big vehicles with lotsa wheels, called "trucks" to deliver them far away from stores. There are no dealerships, IAC.

Brian H,


Received today my invitation to configure. Reservation 16,473 made 12/22/12.
85Kwh, Active Air, no Tech, child seats

16,449 got their invitation to configure today (1/23). Kind of freaking out - I need until my original delivery date estimate (August) to come up with the cash!! Not sure what to do!

Received today @ 12:58 EST - My invitation to configure.
Reservation #16,424/RN322074 on Dec. 22, 2013.
60Kwh, Green and all options except for child seats.

Sorry about the typo - Reservation was on Dec. 22, 2012 ...

Reservation 12/24/2012
Configure 1/23/2013
Estimated delivery mid-Feb to mid-March 2013

Order number 16,6xx

While in line with recent 16,xxx orders of late December, does this not seem to have accelerated massively?
Any thoughts, other than great for me?!

Just got my note to configure today which, as most have stated, is earlier than I thought it would be. Reservation # 16447.

Wow, so many invites! It sounds like they may want to get the US Production cars maxed out so that they can start on rolling out the Canadian Production and European Production cars.

I have to agree with kkiri7. Getting people to finalize earlier gives Tesla more flexibility with batch manufacturing certain configurations. I'm P14875 and received my invitation about a week ago. Because I have a high number and 40kWh with standard suspension, I'd imagine my car won't be delivered until summer. If I were air/85 I would expect closer to a month!

The other half of the price increase or finalize idea is that they do have more demand than capacity. So if you are on the fence, you can wait and pay a little more. If you aren't, you can get your car sooner.

Forget the finances, I gotta convince my wife! I'm #17,5xx and at this rate may get the email next week. Thought I would have a least a few months to play the Jedi mind tricks on her...

@dockt...haha. I had (well, maybe still have) the same problem. I'm 12,8xx and my car will arrive in 2 weeks or so. Told her that this would be my one "dream" car of my life...until we retire.

at 16,6xx, needless to say I got the invitation to configure too today. I get that Tesla wants to have everyone with 2012 reservation all finalized as soon as possible but it's saying delivery window of April to May... at 400/week, this doesn't make sense... unless there is a mass cancellation ahead of me that actual number of remaining reservation holders standing today is more like in 7000 range (4 month, 1700 per month)

about 3-4000 already delivered, about 7000 remaining holders standing before me. that's like 6000 cancellation.... I guess we will find out more after the earning call. I think I am going to wait for the call before I finalize my order.

PenFed or similar. Cheap money.

I speculated elsewhere that TM is "making room" for a bunch of reservable "variants" which Elon has promised in Q1 ... :)

Received my email and finalize button yesterday, 1/22 at 4:51 pm PT. Reserved on December 20th after my test drive in San Jose. Reservation #16263. 85kWh, tech, sound, air, shelf, 21", white, black roof, black leather w/ obeche gloss. I ordered the floor mats from Tesla and received the shipping email today for the interior set and all weather frunk mat.
I am ready to finalize, but my wife wants to test drive first. Hopefully the Menlo Park store can make it happen this Saturday during our date night. Its also my birthday, so it would make a nice present!!!

We are about 20 mins from the factory so I am really looking forward to a tour and delivery.


if you look at the jobs section on the page they are working or working soon in 3 shifts
since they open the European market and the first people got there
e-mails and also first delivery windows
they do well in there way of ramping up

Any 40 kWH cofigurations been asked to configure yet? They (TM) maybe going trough all the reservations to get the 85 and 60 kWH cofigs batched and the majority of the remainders on the list are the 40 kWH cofigs.

This could be the reason there is a big gap between the numbers asked to configure and why some of the earlier reservation numbers haven't been asked yet.

Configuration e-mail 1/24
Reserved on 12/24
Reservation #16,676

95% sure going with S85 Brown, Obeche matte, tan leather, air suspension, sound, pano roof, no-tech...

Happened much faster than expected. Was told by CS that b/c I'm going with S85, can expect delivery by around March sue to how they're batching orders. Sweet!


I am res # 17035 and I got my invitation - came last night, I think - I reserved the car on Dec 28th
Recently decided against my original Performance model with all the trimmings as I couldn't justify 105k+ when I still had to keep another comfy car handy while my beloved Tesla was being worked on for the expected teething problems of an infant.

Not sure how the change to a 60kW with minimal trimmings will affect the delivery date.

Since you had no real delivery date before, it can't affect it. This will be your first "firm" date.

It may be that the more people they finalize the better numbers they can show at the next call. Now I just gave to figure out whether to go for the 85 or 60.

PenFed was a great suggestion.

Yup. #16780 and got the FINALIZE button last night at 19:38. All set and awaiting paperwork. It definitely came quickly. We reserved 12-26.

I have # 18,515 and waiting to finalize an 85'er. Can't wait, but the numbers to finalize are whizzing by very quickly at this point . It looks like they are offering to finalize 1000 cars every 3 days! It seems that a lot of folks are waiting to finalize even when they are offered the chance to configure. Good things come to those who wait! Enjoy.

@gibren - if Tesla has enough finalized orders at the end of January to keep the production line busy, they might wait a few weeks before inviting US/Cdn customers who reserved in 2013 to finalize. This would give Tesla time to build cars for European (LHD) Signature customers, then those 2012 reservation holders who finalized red/40/spring options, then European (LHD) Production customers who reserved in 2012. But that's just conjecture. Maybe they've (r)amped up production to a large number of cars per week and can bring the wait time all the way down for everyone (except RHD, sorry UK/AS/NZ/HK/JP friends!).

rlpm, I hope that is not the case, but will see. Thanks

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