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ipod connection

inserted my ipod into the USB port...
the car would not recognize it.
I can't believe this amazing car won't play an iPod....
can anybody help me????

Tesla doesn't support this (yet?). Get an FM transmitter or Bluetooth dongle for your iPod. I use an FM transmitter.

I have an iPod Touch, and fiddled around for a bit until I hit on the right combination of internet browsing and installing the unit.
It can be done. Sorry I don't have the step by step in front of me -
I'd have to go out to the car and recreate.

My problem is getting the Model S App installed on the iPod. The store says it requires iOS 4.3 and I can't find a way to upgrade my OS. Any ideas?

You may need to put your iPod into a special mode in order to be accessible via USB. I haven't used an iPod in years so I don't know where to possibly look. Last resort just use the headphone jacks.

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