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Is it better to charge everyday?

I got my MS couple of weeks ago and drive about 50 miles everyday. I don't have to charge everyday and can do it every 2-3 days with the range that I have. Is that ok or its not a good idea for battery life?

Another related question. I am charging at 90% level and in the morning it says the range is about 237 miles. Is that normal considering that its supposed to be 300 miles range?

Thanks in advance.

EPA rated range is 260 miles, has been for about a year, claiming higher even if it is achievable with cautious driving is illegal. Better to under promise and over deliver.

EPA toughened the test, all car ranges dropped >10% in the new ratings.

After overnight charging, my Model S will typically report a range in the 230s. It appears the car will hit a peak charge level, and then slowly lose charge (vampire load) - and then periodically recharge to start the cycle over again.

If you want a more accurate reading of the "full standard" charge -you'll want to catch the charge level around when the charging cycle completes.

According to the manual, the Model S was designed to be always charged, even weeks at a time. You want to leave your Model S plugged in at all times when not in use. Check out pages 16 and 25 in the manual, which you can download from the URL below.


First, according to what I've read, the best thing for your car is to keep it charged between 160-180 miles. If I come home and I'm within that range, I don't charge. If I'm below, I do.

Second, you can see 300 miles if you change the setting from "rated" to "ideal", but remember, you don't live in an ideal world and you'll probably be disappointed.

Some routinely get ideal, but depends on their local/usual traffic and driving styles. Slower is better down to about 25mph, where you can get around 400 mi. range.

The Tesla engineers are consistently clear that you should charge every night and leave it plugged in if you're going away for a while. Doing those things will maximize battery longevity and health.

Charging everyday or once a week is fine for the battery. Do what's convenient for you. My standard charge takes me to 242 rated miles. What you are seeing in the morning, 237, would be about right if you topped up in the evening and the car sat overnight losing a little charge from the vampire load.


The EPA max charge rating is 265, methinks, not 260?

Tesla recommends keeping it charged. I've read other threads about why it's best to do short charges, i.e., keep it topped off, over at (TMC). I'm not an electrical engineer or battery specialist, so I won't try to remember what was said, but you can go search there. As far as how much to charge...lots of discussion about this here and at TMC. I settled on 80% for me, using the charge limit they introduced in 4.5.

Anyway, why would you want to not keep it topped off? This is throwing a benefit of EVs out the window--namely, the "always a 'full tank' in the morning." Why have to remember to charge periodically, like you have an ICE? Might as well go to a gas station. (shrug) I left all that behind and don't miss it. ;-) Just Say No. There's no benefit and potentially (again, search other threads for why) gains by keeping it topped off--er, where "topped off" is "whatever charge limit you decide to use."

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