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Is it long enough?

Absolutely love my Model S! Want to buy the X for my wife for our growing family. She wants a larger car. Is thinking about a minivan. Just cannot tell how much room this car has? I feel the photos I keep seeing make the 3rd row look really crammed, even the 2nd row too. Has anyone who has seen this car in person have opinions on the 2/3 row for space. How about storage. Can you haul 2-3 kids, with car seats and still have storage for all of their stuff for a weekend? I know the MS has way more room than it appeared in photos. I'm hoping the MX is the same.

I've see it in Palo Alto. I don't think it's very cramp in the second and third row. A lot of times when I see them photograph of the front seats are pulled all the way back so a 7 ft person can fit. Which makes the rear cramp looking. Pull the front seat forward a ft and it look more spacious. The cargo area is larger than I expected, lenthwise and deep. I was actually shocked I have a sienna van now and I would say it has a lot larger cubic space. Not as tall though.. Don't forget the frunk. It's deeper than the model s frunk but doesn't have that cubby space because the front wheel drive motor is up front.. Hope this helps. You have to see it in person. It's a large crossover

It can definitely fit 5 teens comfortably.

Thanks aaquino22. My wife went to the Palo Alto store when in the area on business last week and it is gone. They should just keep it in the store.

The white model X is now at the factory in Fremont,CA. I do not know if it is on display there. Hopefully it will .

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