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It's nice to be arguing over CC wand placement

Speaking of CC wand, Elon tweeted a reply to someone yesterday about the cruise control / parking switch locations:

Andrew Stone @twittelator wrote:
Day 120 of the Tesla, @elonmusk @teslamotors, and I'm still in love. 2 minor human factor issues to report:
1. My left knee hits the open window buttons occasionally
2. Two affordances on left side of steering column still confound. I'll turn on cruise instead of right signal, and vice versa.

And Elon replied, surprisingly:

6:43 PM - 10 Apr 13 Elon Musk ‏@elonmusk
@twittelator Yup, you're right

How do you hit the window switches with your knee?

easy when your left foot is behind your head...

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