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It's not a Bose (and neither a B&O or any other name)

"The exceptional roominess afforded by the Flat-Pack comes in handy when rocking out to the Model S’s home brewed sound system. I swore it was a Bose at first, but Tesla built it in-house, and it’s got some serious thud."

This was news to me and I am not yet sure if I'm going to believe it. But it is the latest and most explicit information on the audio system we have so far.

Yes, I think the premium system in the S will be truly premium and not some Bose carp.

This video mentions Alpine, too:

Does anyone know what DAC chip is part of the Tesla Model S sound system, and if there is any difference between the chip in the standard and premium sound systems?

Holy thread-resurrection! Sorry, don't know the answer but just saw the date of this thread.

And the original poster too! I hadn't seen that name on the site in a long time and I thought "HE'S BACK!!"

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