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Its not 'the safest car' if you have a greater chance of a car accident due to distracted driving...

Just saying.

A huge screen next to the driver, & with browsing capabilities is just not a good idea.

Completely wrong-headed. The large screen in practice is easier to use than dozens of little buttons, and it doesn't do video. Surfing while driving is so obviously impractical that no cases of it have arisen, or are likely to. Fail.

Yeah. All it takes is for one idiot to get in a crash and blame it on the screen... then all the features will be "grayed out" just like it is on Lexus Cars. You can do almost nothing unless parked... Why do we always have to cater to the lowest common denominator?

Having said that, I do think there are some things about the display that could be improved, but dumbing it down and putting "Parental Controls" on it is not the answer. This can be solved with technology, but unfortunately if history is any lesson, the Government will get involved (I'm sure at the urging of the Big 3 Auto Maker and Big Oil) and try to shut it down. Be very careful what you pray for, you might just get it...

If the problem is browsing while moving, it should be simple task to disable free browsing while moving and leave car controls running.

So dz4, do you have any evidence that the Model S infotainment system is somehow more distracting than the systems in other cars? Accident statistics? Experiments? Experience using the car?

Beauty of touchscreen is that it is software-controlled and can be modified to match drivers preferences. If Tesla finds out that there is something people want there it is just matter of software update to get it there. You can't change knobs and buttons that easily. Also you can have a lot more controls there. And I mean a lot. Screen after screen after screen...

Problem with touchscreen is lack of feedback. You need to look at it to see what you are doing. That's the reason why steering wheel has pretty much all common controls that are related to actually driving the car.

So it is two-edged sword. I think pros wins cons in this case.


If it came down to it, audible or haptic feedback would be an easy user selectable option. Still, once one learns the controls of ANY vehicle, controlling it will become second nature . . . just don't get ahead of the curve and you won't become a statistic.

The console screen is user-selectable, too, and can accommodate many of the core functions, not just the defaults.

Now you ruined it for me. I was so happy to not have to click a, I am too stupid to function button, every time I start my car. Tesla treats me like a real grown up and let's me operate the car.

I am sure starving attorneys looking to demand tribute will file law suits on behalf of brain dead fools who should not have survived to reproduce. We have interfered with Darwin to the point that people on this blog are just sure some smart person needs to decide what level of freedom you should have.

Do you know the origin of the word "progressives"? Think Eugenics; the more evolved ones who will displace the previous versions. Fabianism, Technocracy, watermelonism, etc. Different guises for the same arrogant bunch.

Why do we always have to cater to the lowest common denominator? I hope they leave it as is. It's not a distraction for me.

I'm replacing my Lexus with a model S. I've hated the Lexus, in part, because many of the navigation features I paid for are disabled when the vehicle is in motion. They did not disclose this (salesmen often lie and say you can turn that feature off) until after the sale.

While it may well be unsafe for me to input an address while driving, it is certainly safe for my passenger (and much safer than pulling over on a highway for them to do so).

Check out and ask yourself which company you want to deal with, tesla or Lexus. It's about attitude more than anything else. Tesla is treating us like adults and recognizes that the safe operation of my vehicle is my responsibility not theirs. Lexus, on the other hand, wants to be my nanny!

We don't have a screen size problem we have an over production of attorneys and under production of common sense problem.

I definatly feel much safer every time I have to accept the warning notice before I drive in all my other cars. Without that warning I might die before I got out of my driveway.

The car warnings should say, because we live in a world of starving Barbary pirate attorneys you may be sued for being alive.

As they say, one lawyer in a small town starves. Two both get wealthy.

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