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It's official...The Model S is Motor Trend's Car of the Year!!!

@Brian the MT award was definitely the main event. They streamed the event to all their facilities, so it was also an opportunity for George and Elon to speak to and congratulate their employees.

TSLA Stock up 3.8% $1.18 in after hours trading.

Congrats to the TESLA team!

When I found out it won COTY I felt like giving my car a hug!!

StephRob...Mine won't be here until January (P2009)...Can I come hug yours?! ;)

2013 RED?

Isn't the car pictured in the Motor Trend article a 2013 Red one? I understand why Motor Trend wanted photographs of 2013 red. I just wish that Tesla would allow us to order that color now.

Tesla = Silicon Valley innovation, world class execution and visionary leader's dream. Congratulations! Being a Tesla shareholder and a customer of Model S being built, my hat is off to the Tesla team's amazing achievement!

Strange that it follows such a car as the VW Passat as last year's Motor Trend's COTY, a car without style, or innovation. It wasn't even the best car in it's class!

MT is very weird about that award. One year they just pick any car, then they next, they nail it.

The only thing those cars have in common is the award. It's like Carrot Top opening for The Rolling Stones......

For all the people saying/thinking "Of course the Model S was going to win!"...Aside, from what we've been suspecting based on the timing of the Tesla event and Motor Trend's set date to announce the award, I don't think this is an "Of course" moment at all...Well, for all of us it is! BUT...For a major automobile magazine that receives hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad revenues from the major established gasoline-powered vehicle manufactures, this represents a huge risk for them. Now, they looked that in the eye, and STILL got it right, which is huge...But they very easily could have given it a "Nice Effort" comment, and presented the award to the Accord, or the 911, or just about any of the others. They already gave the award to the Hybrid Chevy Volt in 2011, so they could have rested on their laurels and said "See, we gave some love to the electric (hybrid), and moved back into their comfort zone (and their bread-butter-ers)...But they didn't. They put their neck out there, and stood behind the best car our there, which also happens to be a fully-electric car. Kudos to Motor Trend, for their combination of bravado and great taste ;)

I particularly like the fact that the accompanying article by Motor Trend is superior to most if not all articles that have been published about the Model S so far: It has much more depth and technical details than most, and yet is among the very few publications that do not have any obviously wrong facts or misconceptions. Thank you Motor Trend for a fine piece of journalism!

TheAustin +1

Just fabulous, and extremely well deserved!
TheAustin +1, very much to the point.

Was at the event last night, favorite parts:
Blankenship says this is not about this year or even next year, it's about our grandchildren......
Elon quote about who the loser is now (election reference)
Elon giving advice to my college bound son......priceless....

And, for what it's worth, I got an invite to the event, and ordinarily I would have gone...But I had a client presentation from 1-4, and I'm two hours outside of the NYC...I probably could have made it, but it would have been tight. Instead, I stayed home, and watched the live broadcast with my 6- and 9-year-old boys, who are almost as excited for this car as I am (P2009, just another couple of months to go...). I'm hoping that my eldest is old enough to remember that, when he was a kid, electric cars were viewed by people as a fringe alternative to gas-powered cars...Until we got out Model S :)

Congratulations to all at Tesla. Was at the New York event last night when the award was given and it's well deserved!

Well done.

Even nicer that the Model S did it without cup holders :)

~ Prash.

Is the event on you tube?


(I still don t like GB's cheer leading style

Give me the more classy modest Elon any day

IMHO... The very fact that they choose the Model S based on real judging, and not biased payola (which is all to common in this day and age), gives Motor Trend the best integrity!

I have always bought the hard-copy of MT, and have for many years, because most of their reporting is very honust. This just proves again they have not sold-out to the ICE pushers.

BTW, regarding the video I posted above, in case you wonder how far you can skip in the beginning: Just jump to 8:00 min (almost a third if the video).

Bollocks! I meant to say 8 mins is almost a quarter of the entire video, which is 35 mins long.

And here's the official Motor Trend video, worth watching IMO:

@Volker - LOL - you speak English like a native.

"All hail the new eclectic electric king."

AMEN to that! I've had mine for a couple of weeks, now, and I still can't resist going out to the garage, just to be sure I'm not dreaming.

This car leaps tall buildings with a single bound and deserve every accolade that it has received.


I want a little window sticker for the corner of the windshield. I imagine Tesla can have literature with the MT COTY logo, I am sure there is some licensing and such worked out. And I want a few extra to save with the car papers.

I attended the Tesla event last night in New York and have the following observations....

About 200 in attendance including many from the New York and national media.

GB was a cheerleader and the faithful were loving it.

EM was much more subdued but had the full attention of the gathering.

I spoke personally with several of the Motor Trend judges who were in attendance. They all implied that Tesla ran away with the award with a unanimous vote but not without some concerns. I asked specifically about any reservations they had in choosing the Model S. Here are a few....

a. Creating a brand new car from a new company is a very difficult thing to do, something that Elon has admitted on many occasions. This is not going to be easy and there will be growing pains.

b. There is no data to review regarding how a Model S that is purchased today will hold up in three or four years.

c. There was some skepticism among the judges regarding the business plan and the ability to become profitable with it. Some of the judges doubted whether it can be done.

d. No one knows what the order flow will be after the first 10-20,000 reservations are made and delivered. How big is the market for an electric car with a price tag that pushes $100,000? The number of orders for the lower priced cars is underwhelming so far.

The judges were unconcerned with the many "deficiencies" cited on forums regarding missing or inadequate hardware (folding mirrors) or software items. They are easy to add later if needed.

Before you slam the judges for their criticisms, note that they did unanimously vote for the Model S, and that they are the heavyweights in the industry. They know automobiles better than any of us.

Items C & D above are what is holding back the stock price. I think 2 quarterly earnings reports based on 5,000 cars per quarter sales will largely answer C. If gross margins hold near the 25% target Elon has set, sincere skeptics will be more than satisfied.

By that time the answer to D should be taking shape. If 10,000 or more new reservations have come in while 10,000 Model Ss are being delivered, the questions as to what happens after the early adopters get their cars will be answered. i.e. as more people see the car, more people order the car.

Where does the "early adopter" end. 20,000? 100,000? a million? There are about 15,000 reservations. This whole early adopter thing has to end some day. I am just curious what the general consensus is.


I'd vote that anyone getting a 2012 or 2013 model is an ”early adopter”

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